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GS LOVE / January 1, 2016

Attention to all  gym rats!

Tired of your same old workout routines and the monotone gym classes? We’ve done enough Zumba classes in our living room and went to all the same, repetitive hiking trails. It’s time to get re-motivated and spice up your workout. Here are five new and unique workout classes that are shaping the future of fitness:
Surf Set:
Imagine surfing without going to the beach. Sounds crazy? Perhaps. This work out is done at a gym on a real surfboard and the ‘fake’ wave is created by placing three BOSU balls underneath the surfboard to recreate the feeling of riding a real wave. This unique workout requires a lot of balance and the ‘DOUBLE A’ – abs and arms. Check it out at
Aqua Cycle
Surely most of us have attended a spinning class. How about an under water spinning class? Yikes! The future of spinning already sounds intense but the absolute pro of this unique workout is that you get to burn up to 800 calories in just only one class! Check it out at


Most of us girls grew up hula hooping in our backyards with all the other kids in the neighborhood. Bet you didn’t know it was a great workout! You can now lose up to 400 calories and tone up your mid body just by hula hooping! First, you start off on the beginners level and then you escalate to higher levels where you start using weighted hula hoops. The best part of it all is to have fun with it. On the side note, Hoopnotica’s mission statement is to re-incorporate the play into physical fitness, making every minute of the class exceptionally fun! Check it out at


Aerial Yoga
Yoga seems like the most popular workout these days. However, Aerial Yoga is yoga in air using trapeze style hammocks! Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow can’t stop raving about this new exercise! This workout helps decompress joints and allows for deeper and more advance poses without the worry of hurting your neck or back. Check it out at


If you haven’t heard of fusion workouts (like the aqua cycle) allow me to introduce you to piloxing. Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and Boxing which is popping up in all major cities. Using ½ pound piloxing gloves these workouts are design to have the strength and aggression of boxing while adding pilates style cardio. Check it out at
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