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Valentine’s Day-Love it or Hate it

GS LOVE / February 3, 2016


February… the LOVE month. The season of hearts, reds (the color and the drink 😉), and chocolates which some people are so enthusiastic about. For others, however, it may seem a bit too mushy.


Whatever mood you’re in, we’ll give you some tips on how to spend your weekend!

1 – “ME-TIME”vday2.jpg

Treat yourself with a good body massage and pamper yourself from head to toe. Take some alone time and indulge yourself! You deserve it. 💕


Binge watching with the BFFs! Gather some of the greatest chick flicks and rom-coms, fill up with popcorn, chips, chocolates, and milkshakes for a cuddly, stay-in fun!

3 – RSVP

Throw a party! Celebrate how much you love (or hate) Valentine’s Day, with the heart piñata, minus the drama.

A date night never gets old. Reserve a classic, romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Who said it has to be only for two? Set up a date with your friends and/or family. Get dolled up and enjoy a delightful dinner.

Remember, February is all about LOVE – not only for that special someone, but also love for yourself, friends and family. Have fun, relax and enjoy!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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