Tuesday Tips: Dreaded Raccoon Eyes

GS LOVE / July 15, 2014


The date’s going wonderful. The chemistry is great, sparks are flying and surprisingly he is making you genuinely laugh. The kind of uncontrollable laugh that makes you feel all warm and bubbly inside. Time for a bathroom break. You excuse yourself like a lady and head over to the restroom, unable to control yourself from grinning like a maniac and thinking ‘gosh! he’s such a wonderfu-‘

Uh oh.

What is that. O. M. G. You take a look in the mirror and see your eyeliner has made its way down to your cheeks and is combining with your blush. Holy mother of…. This isn’t happening! This isn’t happening! Oh, but yes it just did happen girl. And now you’re second guessing if he was staring at your pretty face or your crazy eyeliner.

We never want to be in that situation. Ever.

So here are some tips on how to prevent the dreaded raccoon eyes.

1. Powder is your best friend

Make sure you are applying eyeliner to a matte area. Oily surfaces will only make your eyeliner slip and slide all around and somehow end up on your chin! Not cute.

2. Primer is your life saver

Apply a smidgen to a clean eyelid and you will definitely see a difference.

3. Mascara issues?

For those who have issues with your mascara leaving your bottom lashes, try tubing mascara! This type of mascara shrink wraps around your lashes ensuring that it won’t go anywhere. Give it a try!

*My own little tip: I actually take a little bit of eye makeup remover and swipe under my eyes to remove any unwanted residue. Throughout the day, my eyeliner never ends up anywhere below my eyes. Works every single time.

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