5 Tips on How to be Earth Friendly

GS LOVE / April 19, 2017
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Earth day is right around the corner so we’re giving you five tips on how you can start being environmentally friendly and to celebrate Earth day every day.

1.Drink from a reusable water bottle.

When you’re out and about instead of buying bottled water, bring along a reusable one. According to The Water Project, a non-profit organization, it is estimated that over 80% of all single-use water bottles used in the U.S simply become litter.  Bonus points for being economical AND environmentally friendly!

Extra Tip: You can pack half of the bottle with ice to keep your water cold and the ice just melts into more water!

2. Carry a reusable shopping bag.

This goes along with tip number one. Always bring a tote or reusable grocery bag with you — even when you’re out shopping for some clothes 😉 Millions of plastic bags stream outside of landfills each year that clog drains, drift on the streets, and end up in sea animals’ bellies, says National Geographic.

Extra Tip: Leave a couple of reusable bags in your car or in your purse so you never forget!

3. Buy secondhand and repurpose.

We all love new things – but according to PBS about 13 million tons of textiles go to waste in a year – that’s roughly 26 clothing stores! Instead of buying all new clothing, you can supplement with unique secondhand and vintage pieces from a thrift shop. The clothes you do buy from a fashion retailer can be repurposed when a new trend hits.  Create your own pinned and patched jeans or repurpose an old stained shirt by making it a crop top.   (This will also save you money in the long run!).  And just remember trends tend to cycle back into fashion a few times. If you love it, hang on to it, which brings us to our next tip . . .

Extra Tip: Check out our DIY post on how to patch on denim jeans!

4. Wash with care

An alternative to your regular laundry soap is green laundry detergent. It works the same but without the harsh, synthetic chemicals that will harm the environment and pose health hazards. Also remember to wash on low heat.

Extra Tip: Line dry your clothes to save energy. If you do not have access to a line you can purchase a foldable drying rack.

5. Beauty Conscious

You can switch out some of your everyday items you use on that beautiful face of yours with cruelty-free and organic products. Organic Facts states that organic cotton can help improve land quality, prevent water contamination and conserve biodiversity. Most major, and even some small, retailers carry organic cotton balls, Q-tips, and cruelty free makeup wipes.

Extra Tip (& Humble Brag): We carry cruelty free makeup wipes and facial products check them out here!

We hope you have a very green Earth day! Comment below to share the ways you’re helping the environment and if you have any everyday tips for earth-friendly living!

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