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How-to Pack Light for Winter Travel

GS LOVE / December 20, 2016

MisssPeru shares her secrets of how to pack light for international travel.

Fiorella, known as MisssPeru to her 69K followers, is a go-getter and jet setter.   When we found out she was headed to Europe for an international vacation we couldn’t help but find out how this fashion blogger packed a 22″ carry-on and kept slaying those #OOTDs!

It’s no easy feat flying from sunny Southern California to the winter temperatures in London and Spain and still getting those ‘Gram-worthy pics! Read on to learn about her air travel packing tips.


Misss Peru’s tips to Pack Light and Travel Happy

My go to’s are always black and gray – they coordinate easy and don’t scream “I’m a tourist!”

I went on a two-week trip to Europe that took me from the coastal city of Mijas, inland to Sevilla and up to London, England.


While planning my wardrobe, I focused on traveling light while having to meet the changing and freezing weather conditions London brings. I also had to fit it all into a 22 inch carry on to make traveling by plane and train a lot easier and less messy.

“Pack light” is my mantra and should be yours <3

Here are the rules to live by for packing light:

fio in rhonda.png
MisssPeru wears GS LOVE faux fur jacket in Spain.

Limit your color tones. 

Plan everything around basic neutrals. Choose medium to dark solids for your basic fall and winter wardrobe pieces (my go to’s are always black and gray – they coordinate easy and don’t scream “I’m a tourist!”). Make sure to add pops of color with scarves and accessories!

Choose versatile pieces that can mix and match. 

I had to let go of the idea of wearing a different outfit for each day. Definitely plan to wear an item more than once. For example, a jacket worn on the plane can also be worn casually with jeans or dressed up for dinner.

Choose thin items over bulky ones, like lightweight fabrics versus heavy.

Even though my clothes can fit into a 22 inch carry on there is still a weight limit to this! For the changing fall weather and going from the city to the coast and back north again, I’m packing items that can be layered.

Double Double.

Pack items that do double duty, such as a heavy scarf that I used as a blanket on the plane, works as my scarf for London and a cover up for the beach in South Spain. Just swap some portions for completely diff looks!

And that’s it! I think I have finally experienced the “minimalist” lifestyle for once and I am completely enthralled 🙂

Do you have any upcoming travels or goals for your wardrobe this season?  We’d love to hear how you pack for the holidays!  Leave us a tip below.


Fiorella wears from Top Left (clockwise)

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