How To Nail The Perfect Car Selfie

GS LOVE / June 1, 2016
nailing the perfect car selfie

Nailing the perfect selfie is more about your attitude and less about your environment. Take the car selfie for example.

You would think that one of the least likely places (other than the restroom) to take a gram-worthy photo would be in the confines of a sedan. But if you know how to play-up a few key looks, you’ll be slaying the car selfie in no time and giving your followers all kinds of feels.

Disclaimer: a car selfie should always be taken as a passenger and NEVER as the driver. You could obviously sit in the driver’s seat while your car is off, to give the illusion that you’re on your way somewhere. But attempting a car selfie while actually operating a vehicle, well, that’s just dumb, and illegal.


Baby steps. Start off with the popular “good-girl going to the gym all-natural looking” look.

car selfie (1)


Next, try the #nofilter needed-over the shoulder rays move.

boho chic gs love


Then, throw them off with the “I’m from the hood but I’m really from the Valley” look.

how to car selfie


And quickly revert back to the “But I can also be a good-girl, especially when I want you to buy me food” look.


how to selfie


Move on to the good-girl look with finger on the lips. This finger on the lips thing is really important.

selfie tips

Once you nail that, add some sultry to it.

selfie tips (1)

And for the kill, give ’em a combo of fingers on the lips-plus sultry-plus cute outfit-plus legs.

kylie look alike


Then bring it back full circle to good-girl with an abstract twist. (This steering wheel is everyTHANG).

better selfie


Success! You’ve mastered all levels of the ultimate car selfie.


Photos courtesy of GS-Love fan and #CarSelfie Queen, Erin Olsen

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