Emotions Every Fashionista Goes Through When She Finds Out She Missed A Sale

GS LOVE / June 1, 2016


So you missed a sale and can’t get over it? We feel you.

It’s so much more than missing the opportunity to save a few bucks. It’s more about all the extra pieces of clothing: the dresses, skirts, pants, crop tops, distressed denim jeans, off the shoulder tops, and maxi dresses you didn’t get because you missed the sale!

Why. Oh, why.

Disbelief: What?


giphy (3)

Confusion: What do you mean I missed the sale?

giphy (4)

Disappointment: No!

giphy (5)

Anger: Why didn’t anyone tell me!

giphy (6)

Conspiracy theory: It’s all YOUR fault

giphy (7)

Crying: Why is this happening to me?

giphy (8)

Sadness: I’m a tragic mess

giphy (9)


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