Class Of 2016: We See You Spreading The Love

GS LOVE / May 24, 2016
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Last week we announced a social media contest to celebrate the graduating class of 2016. The contest invited all graduates and their supporting family and friends to upload a picture with the #GSLClassOf2016 and a caption of what graduation means to them. Since then, we’ve received a great number of entries from graduates from all over the country sharing they’re proud moment of receiving a higher education.

From high school grads embarking on a college adventure and going off on their own for the first time, to college grads excited to put their degree into action and mark a change in the world, to graduates of masters and Ph. D. programs who achieved the highest degree in their area of study, our GS-Lovers are serious about adding their voice to the conversation.

Knowing that access to education is zero to none in other corners of the world, we understand that the Gift of receiving a higher education and being able to Share and celebrate that moment with our family is one of the biggest acts of Love and kindness anyone can receive. In going through just a few of the contest submissions, we know that the class of 2016 feels the same way.

Take a look at what the class of 2016 has to say about what graduation means to them, and get to know the extraordinary stories of the individuals that are passing on the torch of Gift-Share-Love to the next generation.

Oh, and by the way, you still have time to submit your contest entry. Scroll for all the details.


"Real life isn't always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgement of what is working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties." #2016graduate #UOP #BSM {#GSLCLASSOF2016 entry} Graduation means RESILIENCE, STRENGTH, DETERMINATION, SUCCESS, and CONFIDENCE. I have now been promoted to GRADUATE from being a daughter, student, model, employee, mother, girlfriend, bestfriend, granddaughter, niece, and so many other wonderful roles. It means that I've SET THE EXAMPLE for my son and made my parents PROUD. Graduation means I now have OPPORTUNITIES I may not have otherwise been given. It means I can live my DREAMS and be an INSPIRATION to others. I have to say it looks good on me and feels just as FABULOUS!!!

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How to enter the #GSLClassOf2016 contest: Upload a picture of you on your graduation day or attending a graduation. If your graduation already took place this year, the photo can be of you in your cap and gown holding your diploma. If it hasn’t took place, take a picture of you wearing something from your school. You can post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The more varied photos you post, the greater your chances are of winning. Each post must include the #GSLClassOf2016 and tell us what graduation means to you.

We’ll be taking all of the images using the #GSLClassOf2016 hashtag and uploading them to our Class of 2016 photo album via Facebook. Read the full contest details and submit your entry to win a $50 shopping spree to GS-Love. It’s our way of giving some love back to our grads 🙂

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