Beauty Hacks You Want To Know

GS LOVE / February 5, 2016

As you may all know the beauty Industry has made its way to the top and we certainly don’t want to stay behind. While we are on the lookout for the newest products, we also want to stay on top of our makeup game. Here are some beauty hacks that will save your life.

Correct Those Undertones!
Concealer does not only come in a nude color. Using Green and Orange concealers can help correct an uneven skin tone. Green concealer can tone down any acne marks or redness. Hide all the dark spots with an orange concealer, blend away and you are ready to apply foundation to finish your daily makeup.


Apply Bronzer in “3” Shape for a Quick Contour
Bronzer shouldn’t go all over your face but we know you want that flawless look.Apply it in a shape of a “3” so that you get your forehead,cheekbones, and jawline. This is also a quick contour trick that does not require your favorite contour palette.



Your Brows Are Too Squared
Fill your brows the right way! We all want to make our eyebrows look darker and natural. When filling your brows,make sure you don’t make them look unnatural. Using tiny hair-like strokes whether you use a pencil or angled brush can help you achieve a more natural brow shape.

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The Perfect Winged Eyeliner
We all know how hard it can be to get that perfectly shaped symmetrical winged eyeliner. Using dots can help you know what the angle should be or where the line ends.Decide where you want the dots to be,draw a small line from the dot inward to connect them to the liner at your lash line and you’re done!



Get A Heart Shape Face
This Valentines be all about love from your date to your face! Contour the sides of your cheeks for a heart shape face. Start by creating balance between the wider upper half of your face and the more narrow lower half. Contour along the sides of your forehead and temples, then beginning from your ears,work your way to the middle of your cheeks. Don’t forget the small area under your chin to soften the point. Highlighting is key as it will make your heart shape face glow.


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