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Best friends make everything better, especially on road trips.

GS LOVE / March 21, 2017
Four points why bringing your best(s) on your next road trip is a brilliant idea.

If there is ever an occasion when you need your best friends to look out for you – it’s during those epic road trips.

A true best friend always has your back.  Whether it’s passing the bag of Takis, trying to make sense of the GPS’s re-routed directions, or encouraging you to stop and take advantage of the dreamy #OOTD scene for your ‘gram — your bests will always be there.


It doesn’t matter if you’re headed North, South, East, or West — we’ve rounded up four points why bringing your bests on your next road trip is a brilliant idea.

1. Co-Pilot

When you’ve seemed to go off the GPS route or the randomized playlist has turned South, leave it to your trusty co-pilot to steer you towards something better — like our “Take the Wheel Road Trip Playlist” (shameless plug).   

Best friends are happy to take your picture again and again., Why You Should Bring Your Best During Your Next Road Trip

2. They always know your best angles.

After spending hours, days, weeks, years on end with each other, it’s pretty safe to say, you know your best better than most people on the planet.

And, might we add, at this point, has most definitely developed the patience of an angel.  

Come’on who else won’t get mad when you ask them to take your picture again and again . . . and again.

“Hey Sis, Can you please just take ONNNNNNE more?”

3. They’re always there for you when you need a helping hand.

Trying the hottest new braid hairstyle or practicing your beach waves, but having difficulty?  Can’t seem to reach the back zipper on your new #LBD?  Recruit your best to complete the task! 

4. You Bestie Knows What You Like

We’ve all experienced something like it.  It’s the end of your road trip, you’re dead tired (or temporarily incapacitated due to the killer sunburn acquired at the pool) and you’re tempted by the gas station quickie mart.  Suddenly, you’re reallllly hungry, but also reallllllly tired and can’t seem to unbuckle from the backseat.  Enlist your best to go in and buy your favorite gas station necessities to get you back on track.  Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, anybody?

We dedicate this blog to all the best friends out there that have endured a road trip with your best friend.  We’d love to hear your stories. Tell us your favorite memory of a best friend road trip in the comments below! 

During the month of March, we’re hosting our own #VirtualVacay with the all American Road Trip.  Yes, spring break is here and we’re itching to hit the open road.  Read about our Appetite for Adventure here for why you should wear your favorite gown during your next road trip, how to pull off road trip friendly hairstyles, and more!  

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