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Appetite for Adventure – A Road Trip Series

GS LOVE / March 7, 2017
An Appetite for Adventure - GS LOVE Road Trip Series

RULES OF THE ROAD | We’ve rounded up eleven tips to turn your spring road trip into an adventure of a lifetime.  

When was the last time you took a road trip?  

We’re not talking about the bad memories of piling into the family SUV waaaaay too early, listening to Dad’s tape of his high school favorites on repeat until your wailing little sister broke into cries of “Are we there yet?” for two solid hours. (P.S. Sadly, this is an actual true story.)  

If you’ve been fortunate enough to rendezvous on the road with your bests, you know how fast the miles — and the memories — add up.  If you haven’t, it’s time to get the map out and plan your first . . . if it’s done right, we guarantee it won’t be your last.  

Embrace the long days of sunshine and warmer temperatures this spring with a once in a lifetime event, the all American road trip.  

This March, we’re dedicating our blog to the love of the adventure and wide open spaces.  Check back throughout the next few weeks for our top tips for traveling and staying fashionable on the open road.  We have tips on how to make the most of your windswept hair, how-to be a smart and safe road trip warrior, and why you should bring you favorite formal gown. We’ll also cover ground on how to find the best local food and reasons why you should forge your own path.   

Equip yourself with a killer playlist (we made one for you if you’re feeling lazy), clothing made to layer (you’ll thank us when the coldness factor settles in + when you cop another jaw dropping ‘gram pic), and learn how to make the most of the scenic route.  It’s time to hit the open road with an adventure-inclined wardrobe suitable for whatever (and whoever) crosses your path.  

Get the crew together, set a date, and pick a destination, it’s going to be one helluva ride.

During the month of March, we’ll be releasing new articles to kick off the most epic Road Trip ever!  Click on the squares below to read a new article.  

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