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9 Tell Tale First Date Signs They’re A Keeper

GS LOVE / October 17, 2017
9 tell tale first date signs they're a keeper, feature, gslovesme

Decoding first date signs — are they a keeper? 

Tired of trying to figure out if your first date is going well or not?  Whether you’ve swiped right or you’ve been introduced by a friend, we’ve outlined nine ways to tell if your newest admirer is worthy of a second date. 


Is he opening the door for you?  9 Tell Tale Signs They're A Keeper

  1. Opens the door for you

We’ve all seen it before — a little white-haired man scurrying a few steps ahead of his lady to open the door.  Most often you’ll see a slight pause, followed by a nod of approval or even a sly smile.  Isn’t this what love is about?       

Seeing this act of chivalry never gets old.  Why does this gesture carry so much weight?  He’s showing a sign of politeness and appreciativeness of your company in the most fundamental ways.  If he’s opening the door for you, it’s a sign he values basic manners.  So far, so good . . . 


share that shake for a good first date,

  1.  Shares Their Food

We (probably) really didn’t want the fries when they ordered them, but now that they’re on the table  . . .  well, you can guess what’s about to happen next. 

Chances are they would have eaten ALL the fries if your nimble fingers hadn’t touched their precious food stash.  You know they’re really trying when they’re sharing their plate of food with you.  If they’re pushing the plate your way or playfully grinning when you go in for the reach, you’ve found yourself a keeper.

Is he dressing up for you? Signs of a good first date

  1.  Dresses For The Occasion

You may have fallen for his laid-back SoCal style of vans and t-shirts, but you know he’s dressing to impress when he shows up fully groomed and smelling good.  So what if his idea of “dressed up” isn’t a three-piece suit?  

If he’s donning a new shirt and takes time to clean up his appearance for your first date, he’s definitely trying to get you to see a more refined version of himself.  Make the most of the moment and make sure you snap a pic!


  1.  Keeps All Attention On You

Their notifications are poppin’, the place is suddenly overrun with Insta’ hotties, and then you run into their old friends.  This is beginning to sound like a first date emergency — or is it?  

They’re digging you hard when all attention is kept on you.   They’ll make sure you see them put the phone away and that they keep direct eye contact with you when the Insta’Celebs walk by.  And when they casually introduce you to their friends, they already know who you are.  It means they’re proud to have your company and willing to show you off. Our verdict?  It could be #TrueLove.


  1.  Laughs At Your Jokes

Okay, so you’re no Wanda Sykes, but if he’s playing along with your dad jokes . . . you’ve found yourself a keeper.  It could actually be a sign of a deeper connection, too. If you’ve found yourself with someone with the same funny bone it’s going to make it a lot easier when the times get tough.  Plus, doesn’t every woman feel more beautiful when she smiles?     


  1.  Ignores The Phone

There’s one modern trend that’s gotta go — phubbing.  No one likes being ignored, especially to a small device.  If your date keeps the phone out of view, it’s a good sign they are interested in you.  Go ahead and return the favor by keeping your phone out of sight too.  No one likes to feel like they’re the third wheel when they’re on a date. 

First Date Tips - Is he into you?

  1. Let’s You Borrow Their Sweater

It happens to the best of us, you’re headed out on an afternoon date in the perfect outfit.  What you didn’t plan on is that it would go so well and the date would last so long into the night.  If your sweetie notices those “I’m cold” queues (you know the ones: the shiver dance where you can’t sit still, “casually” rubbing your upper arms to get rid of goosebumps, or even a slight teeth chatter) and they’re reaching for their jacket to put on your shoulders, you know you’ve found a good one.  


  1.  Makes the Most Out Of The Situation

We’ve all had those days where things don’t go our way.  Believe it or not, your reaction dictates your day.  If they skip the frown when your waiter says the shop is out of apple pie and quickly thinks of an alternate plan, you’ll definitely want to hang on to this one tight!  

they don't let go - 9 tell tale signs they're a keeper, first date advice, gslovesme

  1.  Doesn’t Want The Night To End

You’ve managed to capture a few sweet moments from the ultimate day.   If they keep finding an excuse to spend another moment with you, you know you’ve found yourself a keeper.  


So, we’ve deciphered 9 non-verbal queues in what could be the beginning of a fairytale romance — or at the very least, a good first date.  

Now to decide on what to wear.  We’ve styled some trendy first date outfit ideas for you to try this season or you can cut straight to the chase and shop our Wild Hearts Collection — now available on the site!


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