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4 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Apartment With House Plants

GS LOVE / April 20, 2017
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Get back to your ‘roots’ this month and add some green to your home decor.

With spring coming into bloom it’s hard not to love all the colorful plants flowering outside. So why not take some of that color indoors with you?

Decorating your home with house plants not only adds a lush, cozy vibe to your space, it benefits your health too.  Indoor plants purify the air, help prevent sicknesses like the common cold and can even improve your concentration.  A super cute addition to your home and good for you too?  What’s not to love?
There are lots of fun ways to incorporate plants into your home.  We’re especially in love with finding unexpected ways to add plants to frequently used areas of your home, often forgotten about when it comes to decorating.  Here are four ways to decorate your space with house plants.


Brighten your morning with a colorful plant on your vanity

If you love makeup as much as we do, you probably spend a lot of time in front of your vanity in the morning.  Place a cute plant on a vanity to add some cheer to your everyday routine.  We went for an orchid, a plant that is just as elegant as you.


Use a hanging plant in your closet or clothes hanging rack

Those of us who live in an apartment know the importance of utilizing every bit of space. Try hanging a plant from your clothes rack to beautify your storage space.  We recommend getting one like this string of pearl that spills downward so it can hang like your clothes.

Pair a plant with some books

Turn your desk or study area into a comfy boho cove by stacking plants with your books.  Get creative and add a bold piece from your wardrobe to this decorating scheme to make a statement.

Match Plants to Your Color Scheme

Having a color scheme in your home is not only pleasing to the eye, it provides interesting options in terms of choosing a plant.  Match your flowering friend to a colorful item, such as a rug or blanket, and wait for compliments from guests to pour in.


Are you already using plants in your home?  

Let us know in the comments how you creatively decorate your place.

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