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Why We Love: Freedom Fighter Lace Top & Great Society Jumpsuit

GS LOVE / July 8, 2014

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Hope you guys recovered from the weekend already because we have loads of information for you today 😉 As most of you may know, we recently launched our newest collections Lana and Nikka!

Our personal picks for today are: Freedom Fighter Lace Top & Great Society Jumpsuit

First off, we love the names 😛 these are two pieces you can wear on multiple occasions, lets analyze this situation more closely shall we ?

Freedom Fighter Lace Top

This easy breezy top not only is a great piece for the hot summer, but also this color has an amazing versatility combined with other colors. Shannon (one of our studio stylists) is a ballet dancer, “I would wear this with a pair of black leggings and ballerina flats”. If you ask me, that would be a great combination especially for her kind of style. Our other stylist, Debbie has a totally different perception “I would mix this with an olive color and the rustic/vintage feel of this top would combine perfectly with  earthy tones.” So both of these sets are completely different however, they both would fit greatly together. Of course this is a very sheer top, if you are a more conservative person you probably wear this with a cami. I personally would wear it with my favorite bralette and surely most of our readers would do the same. So lets simplify our list.

Why we love

  • Vintage look
  • Airy fabric
  • Versatile
  • Casual silhouette with a chic pattern
  • Neutral color and be combined to create new looks

Pair it with

  • Black leggings or camo/olive pants
  • Ballerina flats or sandals
  • Bralette or nude cami
  • Gold accents (Accessories)
  • Brown fringe bag
  • Floppy hat

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Great Society Jumpsuit

Our 2nd pick of the day is this lovely jumpsuit. And why do we love it? “Its just so feminine, it can be worn out on a brunch or a night out,” says Shannon. This jumpsuit features a chiffon bodice with a slight v- neckline which elongates your neck and actually makes you look thinner. The pants are high-waisted which accentuates your waist and also makes you look slimmer. That is two pros that most of us gals already love. Stylists also went for this piece as a summer friendly choice, it has a sexy backless silhouette which also acts as a focal point. “The whole garment is just a win for any girl, its just very feminine, very flattering and the quality is amazing” says Debbie.

So we’ve seen our stylist’s point of view, now lets make our own conclusions.

Why we love:

  • Feminine
  • Great quality
  • Sexy
  • Summer friendly
  • Flattering silhouette
  • Daytime/Night time fave

Pair it with

  • Floppy hat or fedora
  • Gold or bronze accents
  • Sandals or heels
  • Clutch or carry on


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