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Why Jeans Will Never Die

Casey Lea Pridemore / August 20, 2018

Doesn’t it seem like every season, jeans keep coming back, never leaving a comfortable spot in the hottest trends, just changing styles or shades?

Everyone knows jeans. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has never worn jeans in their life even once. They’re a staple, part of anyone’s ‘essentials’ wardrobe. Dress them up, dress them down. Wear them to work, wear them to play. Jeans have a long history, and we’re sure they’ll continue to thrive as our favorite fashion trend. Here’s why jeans will never die. 

There are two main reasons why jeans will never die: versatility, and longevity. By longevity, we don’t mean that pair of jeans that still fits and is worn to the bone but they’re so comfy that you don’t want to throw them out, we mean that jeans have been around for decades, and we’re not even a little bit tired of them yet. 

JR’s Jeans // yellow top // black top // Plus Jeans // blue tank // pink top // 

As far as versatility, there’s no end to the things you can wear with jeans, but there are a few that come to mind immediately. Graphic tees were practically made to be worn with jeans. It’s the ultimate casual look! A comfy, cute graphic tee or tank is the perfect compliment to a classic. Break away from your standard graphic with details like piping, sequins, or hanging ribbons! 

Jeans used to be the standard uniform for hard labor jobs. People wore them when they were going to be working hard. In the 1950’s, Hollywood stars started wearing them just because they wanted to, and everyone who loved the look followed suit. It’s not hard to see why! They’re comfortable, often inexpensive, and go with everything. 

JR jeans // dot blouse // Plus jeans // ribbon blouse // necklace // earrings // shoes // 

If you work somewhere that lets you wear jeans, but you still want to keep it a little classy, then a stylish blouse and the right accessories are just the thing you need! Jeans are amazingly easy to dress up if you know where to look and how to do it. Heels are a great go-to for adding drama to your denim! 

Plus jeans // denim bomber // solid crop top // JR jeans // studded jacket // striped crop top. 

You can absolutely wear double denim. Yes, we promise. For a while there, double denim was treated like the worst possible thing you could do, but these days it’s coming back with a super-stylish vengeance! Pairing jeans with a denim jacket in a coordinating or matching shade is decidedly on-trend right now, so go for it! A black crop top underneath provides a fun, sexy edge! 

Jr’s jeans // yellow blouse // white boots // Plus jeans // teal blouse // white sandals // 

In the 1970’s, jeans were a symbol of rebellion, free-spiritedness, and personal style. Show off your vintage 70’s flair with bell sleeves, kickin’ boots, or a strappy sandals. These looks are stylish updates to the 1970’s brand. You’ll be on trend while letting your free spirit embrace all of the peace and love you can handle. Jeans, of course, are the perfect piece for that. 

Jr’s jeans // black crop top // hat // sunglasses // PL Jeans // Army Jacket // Striped tank // bag 

Jeans can convey a cool, edgy, artsy feeling as well. Jeans have been a hot must-have for artists, and are perfect for getting a sweet 90’s grunge vibe going. Head out to a local gallery in a crop top and a hat, for a touch of chic mystery. Keep warm in an army jacket, and store your travel sketchbook and watercolors where they’re easy to grab in a handy bag. 

To summarize, we think we know exactly why jeans will never die: if they were going to, they would have by now. Denim has been on the fashion landscape for ages, and we’re not planning on ditching it any time soon. The versatile nature of denim is what makes it so timeless! Wear it casual, wear it classy, wear it head to toe, whatever! It’s the one piece you know you’ll never have to retire out of your closet. 

We’d love to see your favorite pair of GS Love jeans! Use the hashtag #gslovesme so we can take a peek, and you might get featured on our Instagram! 

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