What’s In: Statement Denim Trends

GS LOVE / February 17, 2018

Denim pieces have always been a common clothing article for many, but this season is the time to mix things up! Here are some current statement denim trends to bring some appeal to a casual outfit:


1. Denim jeans with embroidery designs

The best way to show off your style personality is by wearing embroidered denim! This popular statement denim trend includes floral, sequined, or jeweled embroidery: 

embroidered jeans,

The Rosie Cropped Jeans are perfect for dressing up and adding flair to a casual daytime look! They are cropped at the ankles, includes minimally distressed patterns, and is decorated with a vibrant floral embroidery. It’s very versatile and can match well with a solid t-shirt or a dressy floral blouse. 


embroidered jeans,

Show it off a little with the Boutonniere Delivery Skinny Jeans! The full lace embroidery on the sides and slim fit are perfect for flaunting those legs. Add on a dressy white lace top or ruffled white blouse for a great good-to-go outfit!


sequined shorts,

Make yourself smile with these Crack A Smile Sequined Denim Shorts! These shorts are fully decorated with a sparkly gold sequined patch and a smiley face graphic – add on a casual crop top or t-shirt and you’ll definitely have a smile on your face!


2. Colored denim jeans

More color makes the world go around! Colored denim jeans, specifically black and blue denim also consist of one of the most admired statement denim trends. 

Black Jean Trends:

black jeans, distressed jeans,

The Tough Soul Distressed Jeans will definitely make you look tough & wild! These edgy pair of jeans flaunts dramatic cut-open holes on the fabric, added with frayed hems and distressed patterns. You will definitely make a statement with this piece!


embroidered shorts, black shorts,

The best way to express your personality is by wearing the Say No More Denim Shorts! These shorts are decorated with colorful abstract patches finished with frayed pant hems. Pull off a concert-ready look with a black mesh top! 


Blue Jean Trends:


colored jeans, blue jeans,

If you want a more colorful look, try on the Paint The Town Skinny Jeans. The multi-colored paint-like prints on the fabric and the slimming fit will bring more vibrancy to a solid-colored outfit!


blue jeans, distressed jeans,

Be a little bit casual, a little bit wild with the New Heights Distressed Jeans! If you want to spice up a casual look, the distressed patterns, slim fit, and high-rise style will definitely do the job for you!


3. Denim jackets

Denim jackets have always been in style, but statement denim jackets are currently all the rage! Catchy text graphics and phrases, colorful abstract prints, and distressed designs are one of the most common features of the statement denim jacket trend. 


denim jacket, graphic jacket,

Express a sassy attitude with the Do You Denim Patch Jacket! The “I Do What I Want” graphic text phrase, combined with frayed embroidery and distressed patterns on the fabric are perfect for giving this jacket some edge. 


denim jacket, graphic jacket,

Go bold and show some spirit with the funky Friday Happiness Denim Jacket! This jacket includes a colorful graphic featuring Frida Kahlo and a floral print, a “Is Frida-Y” text graphic, and distressed patterns on the fabric. If you’re wearing a solid tank dress or a casual jeans and t-shirt look, this jacket is a perfect match for you!


denim jacket, graphic jacket,

Engage yourself in a variety of emotions with the Art Of Truancy Graphic Jacket. This jacket features dark denim patches and a variety of descriptive text graphics, including the words “bored,” “fun,” “the end,” and “art of truancy.” It’s a great way of using fashion to express your feelings!


4. Denim Skirts

Statement denim skirts are also rising in popularity in season! Many features of statement denim skirts include mesh and lace embroidery, frayed hemlines, and distressed patterns on the fabric. 


fishnet skirt, denim skirt,

Want some rockstar-inspired looks? The Electric Vibes Denim Midi Skirt is the perfect piece to fulfill your wishes! This skirt includes cut-open mesh details on the front, added with distressed patterns and frayed hemlines. It’s great for adding some rebellious touches to your outfit!


denim skirt, lace skirt,

Romantic, meet sexy! The Showing Off Lace Insert Skirt is a mix of edgy and elegant – it’s made with sheer lace fabric below the hemlines, added with lightly distressed patterns on the fabric and frayed hemlines. Going on a girls night out? Add a lace crop top to match with this skirt!


Interested in other statement denim trends? Check out our plus size and juniors denim collection!

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