Casual Chic; How To Look Like You Totally Tried.

Casey Lea Pridemore / June 29, 2018

Get that weekend fashion down by looking casually cute. 

Some days you’re dressed to the nines. Hair? Immaculate. Eyes? Winged to an edge so sharp you can’t take it on a plane. Don’t even get us started on the outfit. You’ve poured your heart and soul into this look, making sure every component works together like a well-oiled machine of fashion. You’re dressed to impress, you’re dressed for you, and you’re dressed your best. 

The other days, though, those are the tough ones. Some days are messy bun and sweatpants day (which you can still totally rock), and that’s just the truth we’ve all got to accept. There’s a certain weekender cute vibe to the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look. In fact, the weekends are the best days to put in as little effort as possible! The problem comes in when you want to put in little effort with a lot of return. Sure, this look took ten minutes, but you don’t want everyone to know that. 

Don’t worry, we get it, and we’re here to help step up your weekend fashion game. Here are eight looks we put together to make it look like you tried (even if you didn’t.) 

Shop the look // top // shorts // earrings // shoes // 

Are you wearing a pair of comfortable slip-ons, shorts with a self-tying belt and elasticized waist, and a soft-to-the-touch crop top? Yes. Do you still look fly? You bet, babe. The velvety textures and dangling earrings give you that red-carpet VIP touch that is deceptively easy-peasy. Plus, pearls on the shoes are a bonus touch of glamour you didn’t have to lift a finger for. 

Shop the look // top // pants // earrings // necklace // 

Is there anything simpler than a white tee and a pair of pants? Short of being in your underwear, we think not. Switching plain denim for a pop of color elevates the look, and throwing on a cardi or kimono adds layering with minimal effort. The busy pattern of this kimono matches and compliments the color of the pants, and that matchy-matchy style makes it seem like there was more work and careful color pairing put into this than there really was.

Well, okay, the author worked to put this together, but she did it so you don’t have to.

Shop the look // top // overalls // shoes  // earrings // 

Overalls: the pants that are also a shirt. Slip on a crop top, tube top, or bandeau with a pattern, or ruffles like the one above, for added interest. The presence of the overalls is creating an illusion for you again; low maintenance with high return. Velvety shoes and some eye-catching earrings step up the glam game, which is a bonus we can all appreciate. This is a style that can go from chilling at your best friend’s house to heading out to weekend lunch at your favorite casual eating spot! 

Shop the look // top // shorts // jewelry set // bag // 

Patterns can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, plus florals have a fanciful connotation that automatically boost the impact of the outfit. A matched set of earrings and a necklace provides a look of unity and a quick dash of sparkle. Denim shorts and a tank is an easy to put together look that can be done up in a major way. Your summer cute look gets tied together sweetly with a natural bag. 

Shop the look // top // shorts // earrings // sunglasses // 

This is just plain cute, and it screams summer. We’re combining some of what we saw above: patterns, interesting fabrics, matching, and clever accessorizing. Heart-shaped glasses are the perfect pizzazz piece for your standard shorts-and-tee style. You’re chill, cute, and comfortable, which is what we’d all like to be on the weekend. Fringed earrings that match your shorts? Yes, please. 

Shop the look // top // jeans // cardigan // bag // earrings

Let’s not throw unnecessary shade to your favorite denim jeans or jeggings, though. Even a black tee and jeans get a kick to the next level of weekend-chic with hoop earrings, a bright bag, and a long stripey cardi. Long cardigans feel very put together; the chilled-out equivalent of putting on a blazer. Heels will really kick this weekend fashion up, especially if you match with the bag or cardigan! 

Shop the look // top // jeans // hat // choker // shoes

Have I stressed accessorizing enough yet? The sparkle of the patch on the shirt goes hand in hand with the choker and sparkly shoes. Hats always make an entrance; it makes it look like you’re going somewhere, like you have something to do. It’s the wearable equivalent of walking really fast while you’re carrying something. It’s looking busy in the form of a simple fashion accessory. Hats off to that. 

Shop the look //dress // jewelry // bag // 

Dresses are oh so easy. You don’t even have to wear pants! Comfortable fabrics and an easy, slightly stretchy fit makes this as easy as it can get to throw on and go. Put a sweet cherry on this sweet look with a pre-layered necklace and earrings, plus a drawstring bag to keep your phone at hand for those impromptu #weekendmoods selfies. 

Speaking of selfies, show us your favorite GS Love weekend outfits this weekend with the hashtag #gslovesme on Instagram to get a chance to be featured on our profile! We’re excited to see how you’re chilling. 

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