Valentine’s Day Outfits To Celebrate With Your Girlfriends

GS LOVE / February 6, 2018
Valentines Day Outfit for GS LOVE

Single but don’t feel like mingling? Rather not go on another disaster date? You can always celebrate love and friendship with your best gal pals! Here are some fun-filled Valentine’s Day outfits you can pull off in a variety of different occasions . . . 


For a chick flick date at the movie theater 

Tired from a stressful day at work and need a night of relaxation? Not in the mood for dressing up? Valentine’s day is the perfect day to indulge in some rom-coms and chick flicks with your girlfriends without the hassle of getting dolled up! Create some fun-filled memories at the movie theater with a fun and casual outfit.

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Top: “Perfect For You Juniors Off-The-Shoulder Top” $7.99, Pants: “Amanda Juniors Floral Embroidered Jeans” $25.99,  Choker: “Hint Of Elegance Velvet Choker Necklace” $5.99,  Shoes: “Peggy High-Heel Zip-Up Booties” $16.19


For a girl’s night out 

In an energized mood after the dinner date? Valentine’s day is the perfect day to go out dancing with the ladies! Doll yourself up for the club with some party-ready attire to slay the night away with your squad – don’t forget to invite your best wingwoman friend! 

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Skirt: “Posh Life Plus Size Lace Trim Tulip Skirt” $16.99, Shoes: “Make It Fancy Pointed Toe Stilettos” $20.99, Clutch: “Jewel Couture Metallic Rhinestone Clutch” $28.99

Want to spice up party dress with some totally-out-there accessories? Check out our statement jewelry blog post for some fun ideas.


For a candlelit dinner date 

Feeling fancy for the night? You don’t need a date for that! Bring some of your fantastic girlfriends out on a romantic dinner date to celebrate your love for them! You’ll be sure to enjoy your Valentine’s Day chatting with your best pals in fabulous outfits and enjoying that dreamy setting together. 

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Dress: “Classy Couture Juniors Beaded Mini Dress” $15.99, Clutch: “Sparkle Bright Glittery Clutch” $15.99, Shoes: “Bow Belle High-Heel Sandals” $23.99, Earrings: “Still Crushing Dangling Rhinestone Earrings” $8.99

Need some pampering before your reservation? Explore some fabulous makeup ideas on Elle’s “10 Makeup Looks That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day.”


For a dessert date 

Are you feeling a bit down with a craving for some sugary treats? Take yourself and your girlfriends out for a date at that new dessert spot you’ve been eyeing on! Cheer yourself up and style an outfit that will make your ladies’ night much sweeter.

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Dress: “Glam Perfection Plus Size Bodycon Dress” $28.99, Earrings: “Glamour Goals Dangling Rhinestone Earrings” $4.99, Shoes: “Heart-breaker Strappy Lucite Glitter Heel Sandals” $20.99


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