Trendy First Date Outfit Ideas To Try Now

GS LOVE / October 14, 2017
Trendy Date Night Outfits to Try Now

A first date can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience, but with the right outfit, you will be sure to catch your love interest’s attention! It is important to wear something that not only will impress your date, but also will be something you feel confident and comfortable in. Here are several different first date outfit ideas to get ready for some fall romance:

7 First Date Outfit Ideas You Need To Try Now


The Classic First Date Night Outfit - dress and heels, gslovesmeOutfit #1: The Classic First Date Outfit

This is a classic girly first date outfit with a fun and flirty vibe. It’s a perfect way to look classy and feminine without dressing too formal for the occasion. Put on this a-line mini dress with this elegant pair of faux suede closed-toed high-heel sandals and a pair of dangling rhinestone earrings to add some glamour to your outfit! A great setting to wear this outfit would be a picnic at the park.


Wear jeans and a feminine top for a brunch date, gslovesme blogOutfit #2: The Daytime Brunch Date

Going for a daytime brunch date? This outfit is perfect if you want to glam up a bit for a more casual occasion. Wear this satin floral crop top with a pair of mid-rise skinny jeans and some faux suede block heels and you will be good to go for a date filled with sunshine!


What to wear during a concert date, gslovesme.comOutfit #3: The Concert Date

Take a risk and go for an edgier look for a fun concert date! This outfit has a daring vibe but also won’t be too much to the point of intimidating your date. Style yourself with this funky fall plaid coat to layer on a black tube dress and a pair of knee-high faux suede boots. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with a statement choker necklace!


What to wear on a date during cold weatherOutfit #4: The Cold Weather First Date Outfit

The weather is getting cold, so here’s how to get cozed up and add some girly glam for a warm date night! Wear this off the shoulder knit sweater with this mixed color panel mini skirt and a sweet pair of peep-toe booties. Enjoy a fun day out walking around the park and jumping in piles of leaves!


Casual First  Date Outfits Ideas - jeans and a soft sweaterOutfit #5: The Casual Date Look

A casual date can be fun too, so here’s how to dress down a bit for the occasion! Add this simple knit sweater with a pair of solid mid-rise skinny jeans and some embroidered velvet flats. A bit of makeup also helps add some definition, so add some natural blush to yourself with this blush color palette. Now go get dressed for your upcoming lunch date!


Formal Date Ideas - mini dress and sparkling jewelryOutfit #6: The Formal First Date Outfit

Attending a more formal setting such as a dance party? Get dressed up in this elegant velvet a-line mini dress with a pair of strappy high heel stiletto sandals. Don’t forget to add some sparkle with these glittery rhinestone drop earrings!

Meeting for Coffee? First Date Outfit Ideas include jeans and a blush toned sweaterOutfit #7: The Coffee Date Outfit

Get warm and cozy for a fun coffee date! Give yourself some casual elegance with a simple knit sweater and a pair of high-rise skinny jeans. Dress up your feet with a pair of metallic block heel lace-up boots and brighten your eyes with this natural eyeshadow palette.


Date Night Tips, GS LOVEOther First Date Outfit Tips

  • Dress according to the occasion to avoid overdressing or underdressing. A casual outfit is great for a coffee, lunch, or walk in the park date. A more dressy and formal outfit is perfect for a nighttime event with specific dress codes or an upscale dinner date.
  • Always wear something that you feel comfortable in and good about yourself. Avoid outfits that are too tight or loose or need constant adjustment, or outfits that make you feel more self-conscious.
  • Always keep a balance.  Do this by adding a long sleeved sweater to a short skirt or adding long pants/skirt with a cropped top. No need to bare it all!
  • Wear more simple and minimal amount of makeup and jewelry. A small chain necklace and a solid leather purse are great choices to wear without much distraction.
  • Have fun with it! Don’t stress too much and feel free to show some of your individual style.

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  1. I would probably go with “The Casual Date Look”. It looks simple and minimal and I really love to be comfortable with my date night with my boyfriend! Girls, just remember just be yourself and you will be okay!

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