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Sporty Chic Collection

GS LOVE / April 15, 2014

Sporty Chic

Throughout these past couple of months, most of us have witnessed the development of a few trends and watched them peak right before our eyes. As most of our readers might have noticed, there is a lot of “sporty chic” tendencies rising up. Here at G-Stage, this tomboyish trend has become very popular as day by day we receive more styles sport inspired. Surely a lot of us girls are glad to say chic has a new relaxed feel and look. Whether you are a college girl embracing the full on sport look or a professional girl, this look can be both be dressed up by pairing it with heels and posh handbags, or dressed down by putting on a cap and trendy sneakers. Our inspirations include runway looks, celebrities and top bloggers.  Shop the collection here:

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