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GS LOVE / April 25, 2014

Hello dear bloggers! It’s Friday  and we couldn’t be happier here at G-Stage! I’m proud to introduce to you guys our first plus outfit. As most of you guys may know we have a ton of amazing plus styles and outfits! I’d say its time to create noise about it ;). Also, as our week has been passing  by, we’ve managed to be  busy bees at the office. Not only we’ve been creating contests and photo shoots, which is the usual, but also our latest project which is updating the website. We wanted to show you a glimpse of it, check it out!

Cheetah Print Top: 98450
Muscle Tank: 98514
Dress: 96647


KWK_3049 KWK_3099 KWK_3143 KWK_3298KWK_3377  KWK_3442 KWK_3471


P.S. Don’t forget to check out our girls night out contest ending on Tuesday !! good luck to everyone !

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