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Boutique Stage: Lana by G-Stage

GS LOVE / July 4, 2014



G-Stage has decided to step it up a notch by presenting Lana Boutique. Lana Collection is a boho chic collection in which we all can relate to, surely most of us have at least one outfit that emphasizes our boho side for the world to see. So what’s different from Lana to the rest of our bohemian styles? you may ask yourself. Well, this boho babe collection has much better quality, texture and feel, so let us properly introduce Lana to you.

She is young, free spirit, artistic, and creative. Her name is Lana and she has a style of a bohemian. Lana is a nature lover who enjoys writing poems every afternoon as she sits on her balcony to watch the sunset go down with a cup of green tea on the side. If there is one thing boho babe enjoys is attending art galleries. Lana’s passion for art is not only shown throughout her house but she also demonstrates it through her wardrobe.
Lana is an animal lover and at a young age she decided to live a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. You can find her every Sunday at the Farmer’s Market where she loves doing most of her grocery shopping. lanagif



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