These Plus Size Babes Prove That Fashion Rules Were Meant To Be Broken

GS LOVE / June 1, 2016


These curves babes are slaying through fashion rules and conquering fashionista status.


1.) A curve-alicious honey should never wear curve-hugging anything


2.) Never show your stomach

Preparing for the fun of the 4th, but so not want to look like you stitched together your outfit out of a old flag, sadness, red elastic,leftover star buttons from a craft project you never finished in the 8th grade and your grandmothers velour leisure pants ? Love red, white, and blue? Want to watch a blonde chubby girl awkwardly dance to really old, but really good music ? WELL, IVE GOT A VIDEO FOR YOU. Watch, get inspired and go forth and create some amazing red, white and blue looks of firecracker worthiness. LINK IS IN THE BIO!!! Also I figured how to light things better with no fancy camera or lighting purchase. I'm so so so proud of how remarkably better this video looks. Not that I'm proud or anything but if that onion video can win a "oscar" I should most definitely be able to win the YouTube equivalent of such award. #fashion #redwhiteandblue #plussize #ootd

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3.) Cover yourself


4.) Don’t wear loud colors

Beach day #happymemorialday

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5.) Don’t wear loud prints


6.) No miniskirts for you


7.) Stripes are your enemy


8.) Fashion trends were not designed with you in mind

I use to hate my double chin, my hanging over belly. I use to hate my short stubby legs and how they looked in heels. I use to hate my big arms. Others around me use to hate me for these things as well. It took me a long time to finally accept my fat, and even now, I am still struggling, but have come so far and I hope I have even further to go. I am who I am. I accept me, my skin, my body, for exactly what it is. My size is MY size, not yours. Accept yourself. Love others around you. Never judge a book by the cover. #fatbabe #fatbabes #fatshion #fatbabesincroptops #fatchicks #bbw #plussize #plussizefashion #plussizecommunity #fashion #acceptyourself #lovethyself #fatacceptance #fatrights #effyourbeautystandards #curvesreign #honormycurves #gslovesme #charlotterusse #charlotterusseplus

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9.) Sexy on you is not cute

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