The Weekender Guide to What to Wear

GS LOVE / May 5, 2017
The Weekender Guide to What to Wear

Go anywhere, do anything. Outfits for any occasion this holiday season.

‘Tis the season to eat and drink! As the days get longer and hotter, we’re spending more of our time out in the sun with friends during the weekend. From backyard BBQ’s, to days spent road tripping and nights out on the town, it can be hard to navigate what outfits are best for each occasion. But don’t worry ladies, we have you covered (from head to toe in glam outfits).

Special Occasions with friends call for prints and loose clothing.

Events like Cinco De Mayo and Memorial Day are all about food. We aren’t mad about it, but walking into a barbecue wearing a tight white dress is like going into battlefield with a target on your chest. Stick to loose fitting clothing with patterns, so not only do you look festive and fun, but any stains that may end up on your favorite outfit will be less noticeable. And don’t be afraid to get that second round of food. 😉

strapless tribal print maxi dresspurple romper with paisley print

Show off your moves in a flowing dress.

Once the margaritas start pouring we know it can be hard to resist the dance floor. For all-nighters spent vibing to music, pick a flowing dress that accentuates your movements and salsa the night away in style.

yellow hi-lo flowing springtime dressblack maxi dress with rose detail

Guard against the sun with fashionable accessories.

Weekend getaways are the name of the game for warmer months. As any weekend warrior knows, the sun can be both your best friend and biggest foe on a trip. Prepare smartly with accessories like hats and sunglasses that offer you the protection you need, while still letting you shine bright. We’re especially loving the trend of colored sunglasses and broad-rimmed hats.

Orange aviator sunglasses

Crochet Fedora Hat

Now, what are you waiting for? Start planning your weekend festivities, and as always, make sure to do it in style.

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