Relaunch Your Summer Style

GS LOVE / June 13, 2018

Get ready for summer with breezy outfits curated by the GS LOVE Blog.


Summer is about creating heartwarming memories with your friends and loved ones. You also have countless opportunities to relaunch your summer style with fresh and head-turning looks to wear during these warm weather days and unforgettable sweet nights. It’s also the perfect season to relaunch the GS LOVE Blog and offer you captivating and quality content. We’ll be covering the most stylish and perfect summer trends while being your personal guide on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Incredible and fierce summer products such as bold neon brights, barely there strappy sandals and ultra-cool tiny 90’s sunglasses are being worn on celebrities and influencers such as the gorgeous Hadid sisters and the Kardashians. Before you start to stress out, we got your back and we’ll help you on how to wear these cool and hot trends without betraying your personal style! GS LOVE Blog will do the hard work by exploring and presenting distinct and effortless ways to wear this season’s It-trends. Prepare for easy-to-wear yet eye-catching outfits that will make you stand out from the masses!

We don’t want to spoil all the goodies that the GS LOVE Blog has planned for you, but for now, we’ll satisfy your summer cravings with these three upcoming posts for the month of June. 

Breezy Summer Work Outfits

Wrap Dress

When the scorching summer heat rolls in, not only does your personal style change, but you’re left wondering on how to dress for the office while still looking polished and not feeling that you’re going to melt at any moment! We’ll provide you with balanced looks that are practical and professional yet stylish, such as billowy blouses or fresh culottes. If you’re looking for a dress that is work appropriate then this bright surplice wrap ruffle dress is not only breezy, it’s also professional and classy!

Regal Wedding Guest Gowns

Maxi Dress

June is also wedding season! With so many wedding invitations flying to your door, you must be stressing out on what to wear for the upcoming special events. Relax, take a deep breath and let us help you for the big day ahead. We’ve compiled some show-stopper wedding guests looks that are fit for a queen! These pieces range from chic midi dresses, stylish jumpsuits and dazzling sheer lace back maxi gowns, such as the style above. It’s figure-flattering, elegant and simply beautiful. We’re sure that this amazing lace maxi dress will bring you some luck and you’ll be catching that coveted bouquet! 

Patriotic Looks

Halter Dress

It might not be 4th of July, but it’s always best to plan ahead! Not only do you have to worry about on what to wear for work and weddings, but you also want to stand out during that barbecue you were invited to or might be hosting! With our curated patriotic looks that range from chic off-the-shoulder crop tops to body-hugging bandage skirts, we’re sure you’ll find something bold to wear. If your goal is to become the star of the event then we suggest that you slip into the halter midi dress shown above. It’s both sultry and patriotic and we guarantee that you’ll shine bright like a star!

Summer Slay

We hope that for now you’ll be satisfied with these summer style teases. While you’re waiting on these upcoming posts, we want you to show us how you reign this summer by tagging your photos with #gslovesme on Insta! Not only are we anxious to see all your slaying summer looks but you might get featured in a future blog post!

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