Statement Pants are the New Jeans

GS LOVE / July 9, 2018

Time to add some color and fun to your everyday wardrobe with a fun pair of statement pants.

When it comes to everyday bottoms, we all have our go-to jeans or work appropriate pants that we swear by. It can be hard to step into a new way of doing things and trying out new styles, but this one is totally worth it. Statement pants are not only comfortable and work appropriate, but it’s an easy way to add a little spice to your outfit without having to weigh yourself down in accessories. Bold print and fun colors can transform any day from mundane to eccentric.

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If you’re feeling up to the challenge already, step into a pair of wide leg, patterned pants that will have you skipping around all day. Not only are they ready for a work outfit blouse to satiate your boss, but switch out that top for a cute cropped piece and you’re ready for a fun night out without having to think about it at all. A pair of barely-there heels in a solid color is all you need for both occasions. 

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Vertical stripes are forever, so get yourself a pair with a variety of neutral tones all over. No matter the weather, these statement pants go with almost any top. For some added drama, wear with a complimentary colored, long sleeve top. Better yet, include a high neckline and you won’t have to think about accessories which let’s these pants speak for themselves.

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For a casual day to night look, go with a solid colored pair of trousers with a cool racing stripe down the side. A fun and embellished tube top in a matching color will have you looking sleek and put together. Keep the accessories to a minimum to look casual, but wear a bold pair of heels that match the color of your statement stripe for some flair. It’s the perfect outfit for letting your hair down!

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Show off the fun side of your personality with these black and white striped pants! Whether you’re looking to run away with the circus or just plain celebrate the carnival that is life, these statement pants will have you smiling all day long. They go perfectly with your favorite lace bodysuit and bold heels. More is more when it comes to pants as eccentric as these, so layer on the accessories for a look that is just as unique as you are!

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For our more calm souls or for those days when you want to tone it down a bit, these trousers are just what you need. The ankle bearing crop will make your feel chic and the bow-tie belt will flatter any body type! These statement pants are interesting, but not too bold, which leaves room for an understated outfit or gives you the freedom to spice up your top and your accessories! Let’s not even get started on the amazingly bold make up looks you can wear with pants like these!

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We all have those days when all we want to do is lounge around in our sweatpants, but the real world always comes knocking on our doors. These statement pants are perfect for not only our lazy days, but our best days, too! A solid tank or tube top is all your need to feel ready to step out into the world. Pair with some sneakers or heels, either way you’ll look like a million bucks!

Whether you’re looking to spice up your outfit without too much effort or looking to expand your style IQ, these pants are just what your closet needs. Share you statement pant looks with us on Instagram! Tag us using #GSLOVESME for a chance to be featured!

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