Road Trip Ready Dresses

GS LOVE / March 17, 2017
Road Trip Ready Dresses, Road Trip Feature, GS LOVE

Plus Size Travel Dresses for the beach, GS LOVE
8 Dresses Made
                    for the
       Open Road
Travel dresses for the beach, GS LOVE
Light fabrics and bold prints
are made for sandy beaches.
Plus Size Dresses for Traveling in the City, Road Trip Series, GS LOVE
Add Subtle details
for a City Glam look.
Trendy Dresses for Travel, Road Trip Feature, GS LOVE
Create a look from the pages
of your favorite fairytale.
Road Trip Ready Gowns for Plus Size Women, Road Trip Series, GS LOVE
Become one with nature
through the use of
a monochromatic color palette.
Comfortable dresses for travel, road trip series, GS LOVE
Mix the latest styles from home with
the traditions of foreign lands.
Plus Size Trendy Clothes for Travel, GS LOVE Road Trip Feature
Pick a billowy crop top
as a dress alternative.
Comforatble clothing for roadtrips and travel, Road Trip Feature, GS LOVE
Go with the flow in a sheer 
kimono as a dress alternative.

Why packing your favorite gown is a must during a road trip.

We’ve all seen them before, those jaw-dropping travel receipts on the ‘gram.  We’ve found ourselves with mouths agape by the juxtapose of  road trip ready dresses found in a natural setting.  

Just can’t seem to picture it?  Go ahead and browse the #followmeto account by photographer and model duo, Murad and Nataly Osmann.   Arresting colors and scenes delight the eyes and instantly transport you to a place and time filled with wonder and awe-inspiring romance.  If you’re taken a look and currently not experiencing pangs of envy, in addition to a serious case of wanderlust, then we applaud you.

As we went down the rabbit hole of #followmeto entries, a light bulb (or in this instance, iPhone camera flash) went off in our heads.  Why weren’t WE bringing our favorite pieces on holiday? Suddenly, packing our favorite dress didn’t seem like too crazy of an idea.  Riiiiight?  Are you with us or Are. You. With. Us?  

Time to shop for a bigger suitcase (or ditch the 3rd pair of skinny jeans you’re never going to pull out of your bag anyways) and trade it in for the gown of your dreams.  Trust, your ‘gram will thank you.  



Tips for Choosing the Perfect Road Trip Ready Dress. 

Choose wrinkle-free fabrics.   

Look on your garment care tags for fabric blends.  You’ll want to pack permanent press treated garments.  These are treated with process that prevents wrinkling.  Other great options?  Look for polyesters, rayons, nylons and spandex.

Choose a silhouette that matches the environment.

Here is where you get a bit more creative license to work that unique style of yours.   Pick a cut and fabrics that complement or enhance the environment that you’re visiting.  Play off the colors and tones found in the city or nature setting – go for a monochromatic look or even pack a punch of color to an otherwise neutral color palette.  We chose a lavender purple mini dress that called back images of Hansel and Gretel for our forest photo.

Just go for it. 

Travel provides us the opportunity to break out of the humdrum of our typical routine.  If you’ve been contemplating changing up your look, now is the perfect place to try out the updated look.  Go bold or go home.

Feel beautiful.  

You’re not going to look good if you’re not comfortable.  Make sure to pack pieces that you will naturally want to SLAY.  Your photos will come out that much better.


During the month of March, we’re hosting our own #VirtualVacay with the all American Road Trip.  Yes, spring break is here and we’re itching to hit the open road.  Read about our Appetite for Adventure here for tips on the best road trip hair, why creating your own path is important and more!  

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