Power Moves in Plaid

GS LOVE / September 19, 2018

What’s the most iconic print you may ask? Plaid! Some would say the print takes them back to the iconic Cher and Dionne dynamic duo days in Clueless. Or maybe even your own school days when uniforms were required. Wherever the print dates you back to, it’ll never go out of style. Plaid looks powerful in every piece. Whether it’s on a blazer, blouse, bottoms or on your feet, you’ll look like a boss making power moves in the office and in the streets. So if you’re looking to learn how to wear plaid like a boss, you’ve come to the right place.

For our junior’s we have a plaid maxi dress that features a thigh-high slit on the side. Paired with the white booties and cadet hat and we have a complete boss look. Lose the hat and add a blazer to make it a more office friendly look. As for our plus, we have a lovely crop top and matching pants featuring the print. Whether this set is for a sunny day or an evening, pair it with a jean jacket and we are ready to own the streets.

Moving onto plaid bottoms. Seeing that plaid can be such a versatile print you can pair it with absolutely any color. As a skirt, pairing it with a band tee would be a powerful and edgy statement. It says, party on the top and business on the bottom. For leggings, you can almost do the same look or change up the vibe completely and add the lace bodysuit. Both bottoms can we used for business wear or street style depending how you style it.

Now Fashionistas, next time you think plaid only belongs on flannels reference this post. As always be sure to tag #gslovesme on Instagram in your next Power Moves in Plaid outfit.


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