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gslovesme / August 22, 2017
plus sized chambray romper

Can you wear chambray during the fall?  Our verdict — a resounding “YES!”

Chambray is a classic choice for the fall weather. It’s lightweight and durable material is easily layered under cozy cardigans or paired with structured jackets and blazers.  Often thought of as a spring time fabric, we took a nod from menswear and have decided to incorporate this versatile fabric year ‘round.

plus sized chambray romper


An instant classic the moment you slip it on — it's just one of the reasons we've chosen Chambray as one of our fall trends.

Read more to see the latest styles and why you need to have them in your wardrobe.

plus sized chambray romper

The Classic Shirt Dress.

STYLE # 165041, $20.99

The classic shirt dress will take you from the office to dinner without the bat of an eye.  Quickly accessorize with a pair of statement earrings or a scarf to change your look to dress it up or down.  

One thing's for sure, you're going to want to keep this piece on heavy rotation.

A more playful take on chambray. 

STYLE # 165800  $21.99
Web Exclusive

Get flirty in our Last Kiss Juniors Romper.  The lightweight feel of this fabric will keep you cool when your date is heating up!

Chambray — for work and for play.

STYLE # 165039 $28.99
Web Exclusive

Take this chambray romper from the classroom to a girls night out in style. 

The versatility to wear this romper off the shoulder will ensure you're staying in dress code
during those office hours and staying on trend once the bell rings.  

Where to next, beautiful? 

Casual Girl's Night Out

STYLE # 163428, $16.99
Web Exclusive

Breathe new life into an old classic in the form of a new silhouette.  Our Don't Hesitate Blouse
combines the off shoulder trend of today in chambray's dependable fabric.  

Flirty and fun. What's not to love?

Elegance in motion. 

STYLE # 165048, $21.99
Web Exclusive

A cut above the rest.  

Elegant enough for office or class — yet easy enough to toss on during the weekend when you're on the go. 

Add some simplicity into your life and make getting dressed a breeze! 

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What’s So Hot About Chambray?

The definition of Chambray (pronounced sham-bray) according to Merriam-Webster is “a lightweight clothing fabric with a colored warp (down) and white filling yarns (across).”   Sound a bit too technical?  

The major difference between chambray and denim is in actual the construction.  Denim fabric is woven in a twill construction giving it a diagonal appearance, while chambray looks more like a standard woven fabric.  

Without going into too much detail, one of the quickest and easiest ways to tell the difference is to look at the underside of the fabric — denim will appear much lighter in color while chambray generally stays the same.    

Worried about shrinking your favorite chambray piece?   

Like most cotton fabrics you can expect slight shrinkage when washed. Look for the fabric with a stretch blend if you’re trying to minimize shrinkage.   Need some help with how much different fabrics will stretch?  You can watch fabric stretch comparisons in our Ultimate Fit Guide for Women.    As with most 100% cotton fabrics, it will become softer with each wash making this one of those pieces that get better with each wear.

This fabric does wrinkle which gives it a more relaxed look and feel.  We recommend giving your garment a good steam or hot iron before heading to an event or wearing it to work!  

Are you planning on incorporating chambray into your fall wardrobe?  
Drop us a comment below or tag us in your #OOTD on Twitter and the ‘Gram with #gslovesme!  

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  1. Willing to give it a try.
    It looks beautiful especially when it looks like I can go from work to dressing it up for a night on the town. 💕

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