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GS LOVE / August 23, 2016

Work it, Honey!  We’re rounding up the best outfits for the office for our nine to five chic looks.  

Gone are the days of ill-fitting workwear that you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in, nevermind the hottie you casually “bump into” on your way to work (as long as you leave at precisely 7:15 a.m).  We’re the first generation to actually get the whole “work life balance” thing and our clothes are here to prove it.  

After hours drinks and catching up with friends isn’t some casual affair, it’s a weekly commitment we couldn’t bare to miss.  When else are we going to discuss the latest happening on WAGS or dissect the string of texts from Future Bae That Doesn’t Know It Yet?  

Who has time to go home and change before happy hour is over?  No one.  

Transition from the office to your crew’s Tuesday haunt in these chic outfits that will give you fresh ideas for womens workwear looks.   

Sophisticated outfits for the office start with a good foundation.

Prim Suede Zipper Jacket, Camel

Pick separates that will mix and match throughout the season.  Don’t be afraid to stick to the basics while you’re building up your wardrobe.  Choosing items from a neutral color palette will help maximize the ways you can wear each piece.

Keyhole Back Suede Camisole, Burgundy
Super Stretch Skinny Pants, Black


Chic outfits for the office are often simple combinations of just a single garment and a few key pieces.

gilded pinstsripe bodycon dress.jpg
Gilded Pinstripe Bodycon Dress, Gold shown with the Suede Elastic Strap Caged Pump, Black
Zipper Back Velvet Necklace Dress, Olive


Stick to the K.I.S.S. motto for officewear: Keep It Simple, Sweetie! Choose pieces with interesting detail.  The extended collar and shoulder coverage on this shift dress above sends a powerful, yet subtle message, while an elongated necklace adds a feminine, modern touch. 


Belted Long Waterfall Vest, Khaki


Remember, fashionable women’s workwear can be worn off-duty, too!  Layer your work blazers, vest, and heels with weekend favorites like denim cut-offs and strappy bodysuits.


Cute fall outfits for the office

Zippered Geo-Print Lace Peplum Jacket, Orange

Choose from the rich jewel tones and earthy shades the autumn season brings each year: deep browns, rich burgundies, olive greens and garnet reds will add depth and composure to your look.  Play with layering the season’s jackets and vests over skinnies and midi skirts for added versatility.

Look Smart Peplum Top (Necklace Included), Olive
Plus Size Sophisticated Belted Pants, Black
Geometric Cutout Open Toe Bootie, Black

Casual Outfits for the Office

And last, but certainly not least, finding casual outfits for the office doesn’t have to be complicated.  Pick a current trend and tie it into your workwear look.


Western Contrast Button Up, Blue

A denim button-up looks on-trend AND appropriate for the office when paired with fitted pants and heels.  Trade in your earring studs for a statement necklace and sky high heels for the transition to dinner after work.

You’ve worked hard and come a long way . . . express your individuality and style through affordable women’s workwear.

Check out our workwear collection for more style inspo:  

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Need more ideas? Head over to our latest Pinterest board, nine to five chic.

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