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Next Level Lingerie Looks

GS LOVE / February 2, 2018
woman in lingerie standing by gown

When it comes to lingerie, dressing up is half the fun! As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, you may be hunting through your closet for a jaw-dropping nighttime Valentine’s Day lingerie look.

Whether you’re shopping for new lingerie or trying to breathe new life into an old set, a little styling has the power to transform it entirely. Read on for easy-to-follow tips to make their jaws drop come February 14.


Woman in lingerie top

Try A New Hairstyle

A wise person once said, “Life can’t be perfect but your hair can be.” If you really want your lingerie OOTN to make a lasting impression, change up your hair! It doesn’t cost anything except a little imagination and some time. First, consider your look. Does it have a high neckline or a lot of lace? A messy updo will show off a mock neck or detailed accents along the shoulders and sides. Are you working with a playful teddy? Curl your hair to create a dramatically glam look. Is your lingerie set a lace-up halter bra? Beach waves are perfect for creating a relaxed look that’s still flirty.


Woman in Lingerie Set and Fuzzy Sweater

Layer It On

Let’s lay it on you, babe! Adding layers to a lingerie look is one of the easiest ways to reinvent an older style! You can play with sizes and textures as you choose from layers that are short to long, and sleek to plush.

“Why limit yourself to wearing lingerie for one occasion? Using other pieces from your wardrobe helps create a variety of looks.” — Michelle Dickey, Stylist at GS LOVE

First, decide what type of nighttime look you’re going for. Are you trying to look sweet and cozy? Slip into an oversize cardigan that hangs off one shoulder while showing off your sexy top. Do you prefer a sexy and mysterious look? A mid-length satin robe will add an air of posh sophistication to any lingerie set.


Woman in satin romper with roses

Decorate Your World

If you’re planning for a cozy night in, pick up some natural flowers to set the mood. Studies have shown that your surroundings can affect how attractive people perceive you. Specifically, wearing the color red or standing by a red background will make you look more attractive (Valentine’s Day color palette coincidence? Methinks not!). When in doubt, roses will make a stunning backdrop with a romantic touch. Artificial flowers work just as well as natural ones.


Woman in Red Robe With Pantyhose

Get Legs For Days

Take a cue from the old Hollywood and royalty alike — legwear is back. This old-turned-new look is coming back in full force, as seen by the likes of Kate Middleton and Ariana Grande. Sheer pantyhose is great for drawing attention to your legs, while concealing any self-conscious attributes you may have. Just make sure you’re wearing closed-toe shoes.


Woman in red dress with feather fan

Play With Props

Get into character with a little help from some props! It’s a great way to call attention to your hands and be a little playful. Plus, you can use nearly anything as a prop. Our favorite? A feather fan for a romantic, yet classic look. Do you have an old pair of glasses? Pair them with a book for a sexy librarian look! Do you have an eye mask left over from Halloween? Slip it over your eyes to create a touch of mystery. Did you find an old tiara and gloves set? Hello, princess! With just a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.


Woman in lace top with earring cuffs


Accessories make everything better. They just do. Decorating your lingerie look with different accessories allows you to reinvent your look every single time. Statement earring cuffs are a perfect way to rock some major eye candy while remaining practical. You can also opt for a long layered choker if your lingerie set has a plunging neckline. If you’d rather keep your look a little low-key, you can accessorize your hair as well.

Step Up Your Valentine’s Day Lingerie Look

Now that you have the perfect inspiration, it’s time to create your next level Valentine’s Day lingerie look! Head on over to see what flirty juniors looks and romantic plus size outfits we have in store for you this year!

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