Time Machines

GS LOVE / March 17, 2014

A watch can be as important as any other fashion accessory. Not only is it a part of an outfit but it is also practical with a use and a purpose.

Historical records indicate that the first watch created was when the Egyptian builders started erecting tall obelisks near their temples and royal residences. These tall, stone structures served the purpose of casting a sun shadow on precisely decorated spirals that were set on the ground. Regularly, these shadows were infused into the walkways of the temples, with a purpose of telling the time of the day. These creations actually were made in Babylon however Egyptian scientist took this invention and perfected it in a more totally different level.

 These days there are multiple kinds of watches and clocks with different sizes, designs, and visual appearances. They are endless types of time machines perfectly created to make our everyday tasks easier and fashionable. Our humble online store is proudly introducing our new collection of watches, several designs all serving the same purpose, telling time.

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