Love is in the Air

gslovesme / January 31, 2014

Love is in the air and our Valentine’s Day collection just launched. Take a peek into our new clothing and amazing accessories.


Valentine’s Day was originated as a liturgical celebration, a festival where young Catholic men would draw the names of their damsels and date them for a year, this was a celebration for fertility. Now a day’s valentine’s day can be rejoiced in several ways whether you go for a night out with your “petite amie” or simply go out and celebrate with your friends.

As sad as it sounds we can’t help you find a valentine for this day  but we can certainly help you find the best outfit for the occasion! Whether it’s day or night, Check out these cool valentine trends!

Be the effortlessly cool city girl without living in LA or New York, by mixing up the classic valentine’s day pink with some pastels to bring out that sweet side everyone has. This Valentines day the less you do the more you will portray, side hair dos will go ideally with your “sweet” outfit , try out some side braids, side pony tails and side buns, the messier and simpler the better. 

Get Inspired!

Vday post.Spice up your night by adding a little red to the equation. Red is the symbol of love and passion, it is the color that people associate with the heart, be the sexy hip chic effortlessly as nighttime comes by adding keeping the hair simple with a bun or a sleek hair do, add some emphasis to your eyes by adding faux eye lashes or copper  shades

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Don’t Forget to accessorize, if your outfit is a bit elaborated keep your accessories simple. Small earrings or a small clutch. For day time, a color blocked handbag works! Hope all my readers have a happy valentines day!

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