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Boutique Stage : Nikka By G-Stage

GS LOVE / July 4, 2014



G-Stage has decided to step it up a notch by presenting Nikka Boutique. Nikka Collection is an edgy chic collection in which we all can relate to, surely most of us have at least one outfit that emphasizes our wild side for the world to see. So what’s different from Nikka to the rest of our edgy styles? Well, this urban girl collection has much better quality, texture and feel, so let us properly introduce Nikka to you.


A 25 year-old fearless girl as she likes to identify herself; Nikka is a fierce, independent, daring gal following her dream in a big metropolis, the true definition of a go-getter.
Her friends describe her as a fun and an outgoing individual who wears red lipstick on a regular basis and loves statement jackets. Nikka likes to keep up with current trends, everything from hair, nails, fashion and current tech gadgets. she dislikes being outdated in every sense of her life.
As the busy girl that she is, Nikka drinks black coffee every morning to stay bright awake and be able to fulfill her daily schedule, she tries to balance a healthy diet however since her health is extremely important to her. After a long day at work the fierce gal unwinds by her daily workout routine which consists of either her favorite kick boxing class or any other trendy workouts.
On the weekends she likes dedicating time to herself to relax and catch up with friends. She loves going out, and dancing the night away, nothing else matters at this point, every detail from her hectic life goes away.nikkagif

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