Layer To Perfection: What To Wear With a Cami Dress

GS LOVE / May 22, 2017
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In honor of basics week, we’re celebrating three classic silhouettes styled three different ways.  Last week we went over how to style a white t shirt.  This week, we’re covering cami dress outfit ideas.

Why We Love Cami Dresses

It’s Friday morning and you have a crazy schedule for the day.  On your plate is work in the morning, an early dinner with your family in the afternoon, and then a night out on the town with friends.  You stare in your closet as you rub the sleep out of your eyes.  If only there was a piece of clothing that could easily get you through the whole day without having to go home and change.  Well, look no further – the cami dress is here to save the day!

Cami dresses and slips are the ultimate chameleons of the fashion world.  Expanding upon the classic cami tank top, they exude a level of effortless cool that can be dressed up or down easily.  And bonus – they’re usually made out of t shirt material, making them super comfortable as well.  Here are our three cami dress outfit ideas:

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Look 1: How to Style a Cami Dress for a Girl’s Night Out or #GNO

Cami dress outfit ideas for a night out may be the simplest of the bunch.  Simply dress one up with a pair of eye catching heels – we opted for gold bandage stilettos.  Add a purse and jewels with matching tones to pull it all together.  We used a black glittery clutch with a lock accent and chain link strap, along with a gold choker and hoop earrings to glam up this outfit as much as possible.  The metallic shoes, necklace, and purse bring the diva attitude necessary for a night out while pulling together the outfit.

Look 2: What to Wear With A Cami Dress for Work

Want to look cute and appropriate?  Bring that cami dress out, but pair it with some essential workpieces, such as a black blazer, tastefully patterned heels, and some cute frames to add sophistication to your outfit.  We chose a blazer with lace-up details, and heels with a delicate floral pattern to add some flair.  Our thick framed glasses provide the edge needed to bring this outfit to the next level.

Look 3: Cami Dress Outfit Ideas for Lounging

And now finally, our favorite way to wear a cami dress – for lounging and casual wear.  Give off a laid back, but polished vibe, by pairing your dress with an oversized denim jacket.  Put on one of our favorite statement pieces of the season, a denim choker, to coordinate with your jacket and pull it all together.  Then, lace up some comfy tan tennis shoes to provide a cute finish to this stylish outfit.

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Art Direction: Stephanie Fraide

Photographer: Holly Brown

Graphics: Jackie Sung

Stylist: Taylor Valle

MUA and Hair: Sanga Kim

Written by: Holly Brown

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