How To Wear A Statement Bag

GS LOVE / January 25, 2018
How To Wear A Statement Bag

We’ve all been there — that moment you’re at the store and fall in love with a statement bag. You pick it up, run your fingers across it, and then think, “How on Earth am I going to pull this off?” 

The GS LOVE team is here to show you that yes, you can pull off that bag! It just takes a little mixing and matching to create a picture-perfect look. Read on for outfit inspo and tips on how to step out with your favorite statement bags this season.


Belt Bag Outfit Style

Belt Bag

Is it a fanny pack? Is it a bag? It’s actually both! In recent years, this statement bag has gotten a huge makeover. That’s right, belt bags are no longer a thing of the neon-clad past. Fashionistas form Kylie Jenner to Bella Hadid have fallen in love with the belt bag and worn it in new, creative ways. This is no surprise, as belt bags are the perfect mix of practicality and style.

Pair your favorite belt bag with a jumpsuit or long flowy dress. When worn at the waist, this statement bag will double as — you guessed it — a belt. It will break up the one-piece look while adding definition to your waist (showing the world there’s a hot body under those layers). Another fun way to wear the belt bag is slung around the shoulder, or crossbody with the pouch slouching at the side for a casual look. Finish the look with puff earrings and knot-front mule slides.


England Clutch Outfit

Graphic Clutch

Like a trusty LBD, a graphic clutch never goes out of style. They’re small, compact, and a go-to accessory for dates and parties. Perfect for babes on a budget, the graphic clutch adds instant glamour to any outfit without having to upgrade the rest of your look.

To rock the graphic clutch, you’ll want to match it with one complimentary color from your outfit (Read more about color palettes). Nude and solid tones work best because it’s easy to overdo it. In the look above, the blue faux-leather pencil skirt supports the colors palette on the clutch without drawing the eyes away from it. Complete the look with a halter crop top and rhinestone skull earrings. Remember, graphic clutches will bring attention to your hands as a focal point for your look. Make sure you polish up that mani before stepping out!


Guitar Strap Purse Outfit

Guitar Strap Purse

Guitar straps are not just for musicians anymore, but we’re still digging the rocker-chic style! A Sixties Era-inspired look, guitar strap statement bags are a crossbody style that introduces bold colors and fun prints to any outfit. They’re a little Boho, a little vintage, and always super cool.

That’s why we recommend a crisp button down as the preferred top for this look. The neutral shirt color will ensure that the colors on your guitar strap will shine, while adding a polished contrast to an otherwise laid-back style. As always, we want to have a little fun with our looks! Pair your top with distressed skinny jeans that have eye-catching fringe along the hem. Finish your look with a pair of ankle-strap heels and you’re ready to roll!


Holographic Mini Backpack Outfit

Mini Backpack

A fashionista must-have, the mini backpack is a little bag that packs a big statement. Ideal for going out with friends and running the music festival circuit, mini backpacks are perfect for all things social. Typically available in fun prints, textures, and faux-fur styles, you’ll have endless outfit possibilities with this statement bag.

To expertly style a mini backpack, remember to play with proportions. Pair your bag with an oversize or boxy crop top (we love this crochet style) for a playful look that’s casual with a fashion edge. A denim mini skirt will look trendy yet feel comfortable enough for an all-day event. Finish your look with this pair of holographic combat boots to bring your look full circle.


Studded Purse Outfit

Studded Purse

We can truly say that this has been a star-studded fashion season! Studded embellishments are everywhere — from moto jackets to leather boots. Among our favorite pieces is this studded statement bag, featuring polished metal studs and a pretty floral embroidery. Rest assured, you don’t have to reserve your studded bag for rock concerts alone. When styled perfectly, this bag can be your new daily go-to!

To wear your studded bag, select a flowy longline cardigan with soft ruffles along the sides. Layers are a fun way to create a feminine silhouette while showcasing colors from the floral embroidery. Since this bag is a little rocker-chic, you can’t go wrong with a distressed skinny jeans or faux-leather pants. Finish the look with metallic stiletto mules to compliment the metallic studs up top.


Style Your Favorite Statement Bag

Now that you have some trusty fashion tips, remember you can pull off any bag with a little styling! If you’re looking for more inspiration, head on over to our bags page — we promise you won’t regret it!

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