How to Style a Scuba Skirt, A Skirt So Versatile You Can Wear It Underwater

GS LOVE / May 25, 2017
how to style a scuba skirt

In honor of basics week, we’re celebrating three classic silhouettes styled three different ways.  We’ve gone over how to style a white t shirt and cami dress.  Now we’re covering scuba skirts.

From the water to land, this skirt is sure to be a hit anywhere . . .

Scuba skirts got their name from being made out of material similar to what literal scuba suits (wet suits) are made out of.  It’s a tough, yet insanely comfortable material that sticks to your curves as you move to show your shape.

What may be the best thing about these skirts is their ability to be worn multiple ways, while still maintaining a feminine and flirty edge that will have you looking cute no matter what.  To help you best show off your scuba skirt, we’ve put together three ways to flaunt these fun skirts.

how to style a scuba skirt on a paper doll

Look 1: Rock Chic

Get out your inner grunge by incorporating some rock n’ roll attitude with your scuba skirt outfit.  Tie up or tuck in a vintage looking graphic tee to add a little mess to this feminine skirt.  The juxtaposition is attention grabbing in all the right ways.  Then, go for some patterned faux leather oxford shoes and a dark hat to keep that bad girl look rocking.

Look 2: Date Night

Look sweet as can be for a night out with your significant other (or a new date!) by pairing your scuba skirt with mesh materials and floral details.  We chose a tan mesh bodysuit, with bold roses to match with the red of the skirt.

Pro tip – always match the details on top with the color of your skirt (or vice versa).  For shoes, we styled heels with clear straps and a sparkly chunky heel, in order to maintain that girly, yet fashionable flair.  A statement clutch, like our black purse with bedazzled writing, pulls it all together.

Look 3: At Work

Think it’s impossible to make a skirt you used to channel your rocker side to being suitable for work?  Think again!  Use a blazer to create a polished, preppy and cute look for your work day.  When choosing a blazer, look for contrasting colors to the skirt, and match it with some strappy shoes to make the look pop.  Accessorize with some hoop earrings and a choker to match the shirt and shoes, and voila!  You have the perfect office outfit – work appropriate, but without losing personality.

This is part 3 of 3 in our series: 3 Basic Wardrobe Essentials Styles 3 Different Ways.  

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Art Direction: Stephanie Fraide

Photographer: Holly Brown

Graphics: Jackie Sung

MUA and Hair: Sanga Kim

Stylist: Taylor Valle

Written by: Holly Brown

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  1. Love this article! These are the best ways to style with scuba skirt. These are perfect looks for date night and work. Thanks for sharing the wonderful article.

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