How to Get Halloween Festive While Staying Chic

lesley jenkins / October 8, 2018

It’s that time of year! A time for ghouls and goblins, scares and surprises. The traditional Halloween fare is a costume, but if you’re not quite in the capes and masks mood, worry not! You can still get Halloween festive while staying chic. 

Shop the look: Top // Skirt // Shoes // Bracelet

Of course, orange and black are the standard Halloween colors, and the wispy, flowing angel sleeves of this blouse will make you feel just a little mystical. Pair it off with a stack bracelet for extra sparkle! The skirt is exceptionally versatile, meaning that even when you’ve put the candy bowl and plastic skeletons away, you’ve got a great work skirt! 

Shop the look: Dress // Clutch // Shoes // Earrings

Get a little gothic! A chic black dress with sheer lace details is stylish all year round, but can lend a feeling of some dark mystery around Halloween. Pair it with glittering red earrings and a clutch for a spooky bit of pop. It’s a look that will leave everyone guessing. 

Shop the look: Cardigan // Top // Jeans // Shoes // Bag 

Black and white stripes have become a stylish Halloween staple! The crisscross top has just enough of a Halloween festive vibe. The striped cardigan has pockets, which we always love, but a round bag by your side will tote along your wallet, keys, ghost hunting equipment…you know, the usual stuff. 

Shop the look: Dress // Cardigan // Bag // Shoes 

Don’t forget about the power of purple! A pleasant, dusky lavender is a great color for transitioning from summer to fall, especially if you live in a place that is still feeling the heat. When things do cool down, those October nights wont stand a chance against a fuzzy star-spangled sweater! 

You can absolutely get spooky while staying stylish! There’s no need to sacrifice with these mega-cute looks when you want to get Halloween festive! 

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