Grammy Awards 2018 Celebrity Style Inspirations

GS LOVE / January 30, 2018

Got some outfit envy from the 2018 Grammy Awards? Here are several fun and affordable ways you can get some celebrity style inspirations from your favorite artists!


Got the hots for Camila Cabello’s red gown? Try out these glamorous red maxi dresses!

Make yourself look red-carpet ready with the classy Mystery Dance Maxi Dress. This glamorous maxi dress has flowy cape sleeves that add a little flair to your outfit and includes a form-fitting silhouette that will flaunt your figure!



Wear something extravagant for the party with the Get Fancy Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress! This maxi dress includes a hint of sexiness with a ruffled off-the-shoulder neckline and will flatter your figure with an elegant silhouette.



Fell in love with Katie Holmes’ stunning black dress? Doll yourself up in these fun and fabulous little black dresses!

Be a total doll with this sweet and sleek Christmas Gala Off-The-Shoulder Dress! This lovely dress is made with luscious velvet material and is perfect for a girl’s night out or a formal event. Pair it with some black velvet or satin heels!



Have an upcoming dinner date or a casual brunch? The Gossip Babe A-Line Mini Dress is the perfect mix of flirty and fab! The fit-and-flare silhouette and flowy off-the-shoulder sleeves are the best ways to show off your girly side.



Crushing on Anna Kendrick’s matching plaid blazer and pants? Spice up your outfit with some plaid prints!

Got a relaxed dress code at the office? The Prep Squad Plaid Cold Shoulder Top is the perfect choice for you! This top includes classy plaid prints on the fabric with cold-shoulder sleeves that give off a chic and edgy twist!


Get yourself ready for the office or a job interview with these trendy Polished In Plaid Trousers! The plaid designs and wide-legged bottoms are great for pulling off a comfortable and professional appearance.



Can’t stop looking at Bebe Rexha’s glitzy nude gown? Get dressed in something similarly fancy!

Flaunt a fancy look with the glamorous Envy Me High-Low Maxi Dress. This dress includes sparkly sequins and an extravagant fit-and-flare silhouette that will get yourself all dolled up for a formal party!


The Candlelight Evening Maxi Dress is a mix of fun and feminine! The flowy appearance shows off a softer appeal and the faux jewel embellishments give the dress a little bit of dazzle. 



Take a look at some more red-carpet outfits from the Grammy Awards 2018 and check out for more celebrity style inspirations!

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