FatshionByThePounds Rocked a Bodycon Dress in the name of Body Positivity

GS LOVE / January 26, 2017
FatshionByThePounds Rocked a Bodycon Dress

 Amber Marie, A.K.A. FatshionByThePounds, tried the bodycon trend and revealed a sexier, self-confident self.

Have you heard of Amber Marie?  She’s better known as Fatshion by the Pounds on her blog and within the online community.  We fell in love with her after reading her brutally honest post “I Called Myself Fat to Others, and Here Is What Happened.”  It’s an eye-opening perspective to how negative thoughts and actions toward oneself can impact ourselves and the people around us.  

Amber decided to spin that negative self-talk into a #bodypositive project.  Read about how she rocked one of our bodycon dresses and what kind of responses she received in her blog post, “I Wore a Form Fitting Dress and Here is What Happened“. 

Amber, we think you are absolutely beautiful inside and out.

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