Summer Craft DIY: How To Embroider A Floppy Hat

Casey Lea Pridemore / July 30, 2018

We’ve all seen the Instagram posts with sunny beaches, fruity drinks and a super cute embroidered floppy hat to top it all off. This look cropped up earlier this year and we’re totally loving it. If you’re having trouble finding one with the perfect summer mood phrase that you’re craving or you’re just a fan of DIY, then check out our tutorial on how to embroider your very own floppy hat! 

This is a pretty simple DIY that you can get done in just an afternoon. It’s perfect for a craft day hangout with friends. 


What you’ll need: 

  1. A sewing pencil or marker. 
  2. A flexible plastic sewing needle. A larger eye will make threading a breeze. 
  3. Dark colored yarn. This is more of a suggestion, and what we used, but feel free to get creative! You can also use ribbon, fabric, or just change it up with different colors. 
  4. Scissors 

And, of course, you’ll need a hat. One with a wide brim is preferable to give yourself plenty of room to work. 

If your hat has a band or a ribbon like the ones above , (or find another one you love here) matching the colors of your letters to it will make it pop just that much more. A hat with a woven texture will be the easiest to embroider. The holes are already there! 

Step One: Find Your Phrase 

Take a minute to figure out what you want to inscribe in your hat. Adding your name will make it extra personal, giving the look of something you had custom made just for you! Search around for some short summer phrases, and practice how you want them to look on the hat on a bit of scrap paper. There are a million different options, so take the time to narrow it down to your favorites.

A little inspiration: 

  • Beach Hair Don’t Care 
  • Do Not Disturb 
  • Hello Sunshine 
  • Always On Vacay 
  • #Goals 

Step Two: Getting Sketchy

Using your pencil, trace out your phrase into the hat. If you have more time on your hands and feel a little daring, a stylish cursive font is super en-vogue. It will take more effort (and more stitches) to make it look perfect, but the effect will be oh-so chic. That said, a regular printed “font” is a tried and true classic!

To avoid mistakes, write lightly with your pencil and build up your marks until it’s dark enough to see. The texture of most woven hats will make it easy to erase, too. If you’re writing a longer phrase, start with writing your letters a little smaller than you’d want them. It’s easier to size these up than down!

Step Three: A Stitch In Time 

This step is fairly easy if you’ve ever sewn or embroidered before. We’ll be using a backstitch for this hat. If you’re new to stitching, here is a fairly simple how-to on a basic backstitch. This is the step that will take the longest, depending on what phrase and style you’re going for. Using a flexible plastic needle will make it much less of a headache to work the thread through the holes in your hat. Plus, you wont have to worry about pricking your fingers! You can find these needles at most craft stores, and sometimes even at bigger stores that have a decent craft section. 

Tie a knot at the bottom of your hat to secure the stitch, snip off the string, and you’re done! Head off to the beach in instagram-worthy style with a pair of your favorite sunnies.

Did you try this DIY? If you did, let us know how you went.

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