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DIY Halloween Costumes

GS LOVE / October 1, 2015

Halloween is just around the corner! The easiest thing to do is to wait until the absolute last possible minute and then panic when it comes time to actually finding a costume. I’m definitely the person that procrastinates until it’s too late! Here’s how to make super simple  costumes using clothes you can get from <3



Put your hair into two braids, and use one of these dresses to transform you in to the Powhatan Princess from the Disney Movies!

Shop this look:  Fearless Suede Lace Up Dress // Sassy Fringe Suede Dress // In Style Fringe Suede Bodycon Dress // Boho Suede Fringe Dress


Untitled-2These slinky dresses just SCREAM vampire! This is another really easy DIY costume, all you have to add is some sexy dark makeup, and fake teeth! Fake blood is also a plus!

Shop This Look:  Mesh Layered Slit Dress // Gorgeous High Slit Long Dress // Grunge Choker Off Shoulder Dress // Posh Criss Cross Dress



Stay tuned, every week in October we’ll be posting new DIY costumes!

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