DIY Halloween Costumes pt 2

GS LOVE / October 8, 2015

Hello spooky ladies! Halloween is creeping closer, so we have 2 more Halloween costume Ideas for you! All of these costumes can be made simply at home by using your favorites!

Spooky Corpse Bride


Paint your face a ghastly blue, wear a veil, and carry around some bloody or dead roses. You’re sure to get a lot of undead marriage proposals in this sexy costume! (P.S This Monday, we’ll have a tutorial that will take this costume to the next level, so make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!)

shop this look: Lavish Lace Layered Midi Dress / Heavenly Ruffle Dress / Crochet Trim Cami Dress /  Sultry Layered Lace Dress



Being a doll is the easiest costume you can put together! Use a babydoll, or shift style dress, add knee high socks, pigtails, and saccharine sweet pink makeup (and don’t forget those rosy cheeks!)

shop this look: Minimal Long Sleeve Shift Dress / Stylish Solid Shift Dress / Heavenly Bell Shift Dress / Small Floral Print Babydoll Dress

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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