CUFF THIS – 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Cuffed Jeans

GS LOVE / February 27, 2018
Cuffed Jeans How To, GS LOVE

A new take on cuffing season.

Exactly how many days can you find *the* perfect outfit to pair with your favorite denim before they’re considered to be on heavy rotation? (Asking for a friend.)

Is it when they’re featured in the last 5 of the 6 Instagram posts?  
So much for positioning to become a fashion influencer.  
How about when your best gently suggests wearing something *other* than denim for a change?  
How could she — does she even know who you are?

We all have that one pair of jeans that fits *just* right. Make the most of your wardrobe with some cuffed jeans styling tips that change up your look without having to change your pants.  We kid, we kid . . . sorta.  

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Cuffed Jeans Style No. 1  Fold ‘Em Up

The easiest to achieve on our list is the single fold cuff — not only is it understated, but it’s also simple enough for the most fashion challenged to attempt without feeling garish or like you’re trying to wear a costume out into the world.   

Simply flip the pant hem up to create a cuff. Voila!   
Are you already feeling more stylish or what?

Pro-tip: Make your styling trick easier by using a heavier weight denim.

Go ahead and dare to play with the height to create a more deep or shallow cuff. Generally, it’s safe to play in the 1.5” – 2” height for most shoes. Don’t be afraid to play with pant length either. Pair your favorite statement booties with ankle length or cropped denim jeans for an unexpected play on height.  

Ideal Use  Keep things casual with the fold ‘em up cuff.  
Pair With  Booties, city sneakers, flats, stilettos

The Standard Cuff - Denim Jeans How-To, gslovesme

Cuffed Jeans Style No. 2  The Standard Cuff

The Standard Cuff is one of those looks that can be worn with almost anything — you’ll find this is the “go-to” cuff, nay — the wingwoman of cuffed jeans, yes that’s right, this is the cuff that will always be there to fall back on.   

A quick double flip from the pant hem will produce this look. It’s as easy to recreate as it is reliable. Pro-tip: Smooth out the cuff as you fold for super clean style lines.

Pair The Standard with a blazer, skinny jeans, and a pair of sky-high heels for a definitive stance in office style or outfit yourself in the SoCal uniform with a pair of boyfriend jeans, cropped tank, and layers of dainty jewelry.  

Ideal Use  We’re calling it The Standard for a reason; feel free to whip this styling tip out when and where you want. Who knows, it could become your new signature look.
Pair With  Anything goes – pair your oversized jeans and a strappy high heel during a girls night out or go for a cropped jean and slip ons for a laid-back weekend look.

The Messy Denim Cuff How-To, gslovesme

Cuffed Jeans Style No. 3 The Perfectly Imperfect Cuff

If messy buns and slouchier more bohemian styles are more your thing then the Perfectly Imperfect Cuff is for you. Think of it as Wabi-Sabi Fashion

To achieve this looks you’ll want to make sure to fold and cuff simultaneously. Don’t worry about making both cuffs match, you’ll want to keep them even in length, but it’s okay to have them look a bit different.

Ideal Use  Boyfriend jeans, distressed denim, even a dark denim dressed up with heels would work for this look.  
Pair With  From statement sneakers to wedges, this look adds a playfulness to any outfit.

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Cuffed Jeans Style No. 4  The Underfold Cuff 

Perhaps one of the least utilized cuffed jeans styles, The Underfold is perfect for denim jeans that you want to wear but have yet to make it to the tailor to get hemmed or if you’re rocking a pair of flats with a pair of denim jeans that you normally wear with sky-high shoes.  

Pro-tip:  Stay away from flared or bootcut jeans for this one

Ideal Use  Clean lines, jeans that are too long or that are normally worn with high heels.  
Pair With  Anything goes with this type of jean cuff!  


Practice Makes Perfect

Warning!  Cuffing is addictive — turn your regular denim jeans into a styled look ALL YOUR OWN  Show us your slay by tagging your photos with #gslovesme on the ‘gram!  We’d love to see your look.  It’s a cuff job – but somebody’s gotta do it.  

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