Nailing Airport Style: Trendy & Practical Pieces

GS LOVE / August 13, 2018

Look like a jetsetter by incorporating these polished pieces into your airport style

Traveling with style can seem impossible and a waste of precious time. That doesn’t have to be the case. Looking polished during an 8 hour flight can be a breeze and ultra comfortable by wearing trendy and practical pieces.

Airport style doesn’t have to be about wearing leggings and sneakers, but you also don’t need to wear heels and a party dress. Nailing airport style is simple when you select comfortable pieces that are stylish. To help you have an idea of what to look for your next airport outfit, we’ve compiled 4 essential pieces that you can wear to the airport, and channel your inner jetsetter! 

Shop the LookL Blouse // Blouse

A polished blouse is the perfect alternative to an oversize sweatshirt. It gives off that you’re not trying too hard, but that you also care about how you present yourself. Selecting a top with a fluid design will give you an effortless sleek look to your whole outfit. You’ll also be comfortable which is also important during the long plane ride. A top with a half or 3/4 sleeve cut is the perfect option. It’s both breezy yet has enough coverage for that unbearable AC blasting on the plane. 

Shop the Look: JR Trousers // PL Trousers

Instead of selecting leggings for your airport outfit, we suggest you slip into comfortable statement pants. Airport style is about looking refreshed, comfortable and stylish. Wide-leg trousers encompasses all of these elements. If you want to take it up a notch, go for a printed trouser. Plaid or stripes will always look chic and by styling it with a solid color blouse, your outfit will look pull together. 

Shop the Look: Jacket // Jacket

The AC in airplanes is unbearable. A comfortable jacket with a standout design is your solution to those cold hours in the plane. A jetsetter knows that airport style is all about wearing cool and distinct pieces. With a jacket that has an eye-catching print or design such as camo is the best way to add a bit of fun to your polished look. If you want to go the classic route, a denim jacket is the best and safe option. We recommend that you take a risk and go for one with subtle distressed details and a fun star design.

Shop the Look: Bag // Mules

Accessories are essential pieces to complete your airport style. A roomy bucket bag can store your passport, wallet, ticket and some snacks. This bucket bag in particular can also be your go-to bag for your whole trip. Black fits with everything and the faux patent detailing makes any outfit look polished while the faux leather add a classic touch. For shoes you don’t want to go to the extreme such as heels or sneakers. Mules are the perfect balance of style and comfort. It also saves you time when going through security screenings. No laces to untie nor having to jump up and down to remove them. 

Airport style is not only a lifesaver while you’re stuck on a plane for hours, but it also can save you time for your event after landing. By having a polished, comfortable and stylish outfit, you don’t have to stress in your hotel room on what to wear for your next outing. Having trendy and practical pieces saves you time and you get to spend more time having fun with zero stress! Tell us what are your go-to airport style pieces or tag your GS LOVE outfit that you wear to the airport by using the hashtag #GSLOVESME for a chance to be featured! 

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