5 Types Of Athleisure Girls (And Where To Find Them)

GS LOVE / January 12, 2018
womens crop top and pants at the gym

Girl, you better work! Find the perfect gym inspiration with these trendy Athleisure girl looks.

A new year brings new possibilities, and for many of us that means getting into shape (again). As we walk into the gym fresh-faced and ready to get a bikini-bod, it becomes apparent that the gym is much more than a workout situation. For many, gym time is a social event with its own dress code (which of course, we love!). Whether your favorite cardio involves shopping or ellipticals, workout and Athleisure clothing is on the rise. Keep reading to learn about the five types of Athleisure girls and where to find them.


woman at gym with towel and yoga mat

 1. Yoga Glow Girl | Doing a Downward Dog By The Mirror

The Yoga Glow Girl is fun, easygoing, and of course — super flexible. With a yoga mat tucked safely under her arm, she navigates through every bustling gym with the utmost calm. The yoga glow girl thrives with her positive aura, whether she’s doing a quick aromatherapy spritz in the locker room or warming up for the best downward-facing dog you ever saw. You’ll usually find this Athleisure girl next to a mirrored studio, drinking a cold pressed juice, or filling up her cute water bottle at the fountain.


woman working out at gym with battle rope

2. Toned Goddess | Showing Up The Boys On Ropes

This Athleisure girl is no gym newbie and she wants everyone to know it. She turns working out into a show of endurance. Equipped with no more than a strong ponytail, padded sports bra, and stretch-knit leggings, she’s a powerhouse to be messed with. What’s her most prominent accessory, you ask? A fierce “never-give-up” attitude. You can find her looking fire in the weights section or showing up the boys on battle rope.


Girl at gym with workout ball and sunglasses

3. Fit + Flirty Babe | Chatting Up a Cute Trainer

She’s a social butterfly and has a hot body to boot! This Athleisure girl knows how to strike a conversation with nearly anyone at the gym. She’ll solve your toughest boy dramas and then offer suggestions on the best abs machine. In other words, she’s got you. On any given day, you’ll see her chatting up that hot trainer every girl has her eyes on, but only she has a real shot with. Get it, girl!


woman working out on spin bicycle

4. Executive Cutie | Front Row At Spin Class

With her busy and fast-paced life, the Toned Goddess has no time to play games. She’s a busy bee with big goals to achieve on the daily.  Whether she’s trying to close a deal or lose that baby fat and still pick her kiddos up on time — the executive cutie is a no-mess gal. You will see her sitting front-row at spin class, responding to an email on her smartphone, or soaking up compliments from the instructor for best posture.


woman next to mirror at gym

5. Fashionista | Taking Selfies In The Locker Room

When it comes to this Athleisure Girl, the world is her runway. Like a true fashionista, she never misses an opportunity to show off her gym ready-to-wear looks. She works out and then catwalks her way through the aisles with all eyes on her. A big fan of mesh-insert leggings and fun prints, she’s a go-to girl for advice on chic athletic gear and the best sales. Sometimes she’s with her girl squad in dance class, and other times she’s uploading her cute look to the ‘gram. And yes, she’s going to tag you.


Which Athleisure girl are you?

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