Jennifer Lopez All I Have Las Vegas Show

GS LOVE / January 25, 2016

tumblr_inline_o1bf9jER4G1sisj8i_1280Just when you thought she was the hardest working woman in showbiz, J-Lo goes and books shows in Vegas throughout June! She is the true definition of a hard worker and shows us that you can truly do anything you set your mind to. From being a mother to her twins, a judge in American Idol, and an actress on her new show Shades of Blue, is there anything she can’t do?! Sure she has had some minor setbacks in her career and personal life, but that certainly has not stopped her to getting back to the top. She makes everything look so easy and flawless while doing it all. Although we may not be an A-List celebrity like she is, we can definitely take some notes from her and keep reaching for our goals and dreams no matter the ups and downs.

Alright, enough of that, let’s talk about those outfits though! She wears it all, from diamond covered bodysuits to full gowns on her Vegas shows. She brings it back to her Bronx roots with a crystal “Bronx” tank top with matching pink joggers and shows her graceful side with a long flowing skirt with projected images. If that isn’t enough, she wears see through bodysuits that show off her best assets. I mean she’s 46 and looks like that? I’d be showing off too!

She isn’t the only celebrity you can see on her show. She brings out a few special guest performers like Ja Rule, Ne-Yo, and Pitbull. If they are not on stage with her, they are dancing and singing along with the crowd including the Beibs, Rebel Wilson, Gina Rodriguez, T.I, and Ryan Seacrest to name a few.

Las Vegas just got a lot more interesting with her there and definitely adds to your to-do list when you are there. She puts one hell of a show, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the years to come. Cause we’re pretty sure she’s gonna keep bringing it!

Get a little inspiration from her after party look.



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