Decoding Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Special Through GIF’s

GS LOVE / April 25, 2016

When emoji’s aren’t enough and words are just too blah to describe epic moments, you can always count on GIF’s to express the perfect sentiment.

So it’s no surprise that soon after Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, her highly-anticipated visual album, during her Lemonade HBO documentary special Saturday night, the internet was already buzzing with snippets of Queen Bey’s best lemon-made moments.

The docu series featured video snips of the album’s various concepts, ranging from infidelity, female power and motherhood (but mostly about the wrath of Bey).

If you missed the special, here are our main takeaways from Lemonade, the movie:

When marriage isn’t always bliss

giphy (9)

A tub bath is a great place to conjure up sweet revenge

giphy (10)

If burning a fire will call it even, do so in couture

giphy (3)

And if you’re leaving evidence behind, make sure your mugshot is on point

giphy (4)

Exit the scene of the crime graciously

giphy (2)

Your squad is always the best alibi

giphy (11)

If guilt wins you over afterwards, at least cry wearing a cute bow tie top

giphy (7)

Or if you’re too tired to shed a tear, draw some on

giphy (5)

Never leave home without a bat


Because you should practice self-defense all times

giphy (8)


giphy (1)

When all is done and said, put on a crop top and call it a day

giphy (6)

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