GS LOVE / May 16, 2014

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Happy Friday to all G-Stage lovers. Some of you might have noticed our new hashtag on Instagram. Allow us to explain in more detail…

What is #GStageLovesMe?

#GstageLovesMe is a way to show off your group pictures, outfits, selfies, or anything related to G-Stage. We want all of our G-Stage lovers to start hashtagging  #GstageLovesMe to start getting recognized by us! By hashtagging #GstageLovesMe, not only do you have the opportunity for your picture to be featured on one of our social media sites but also a chance to win G-Dollars! That’s right G-Dollars! Sounds great doesn’t it?!


How it works!

Snap a picture of your G-Stage outfit, a fun night, or even a selfie… we want it all. Your picture has to include an item(s) recently purchased from G-Stage. Upload your image(s) on Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #GstageLoves Me on your caption. There is no limit on how many pictures you can upload and hashtag…. the more the better!  However, images do have to be recently uploaded and the hashtag has to be included in the main caption, not the comments.


When does it end?

This is an ongoing monthly event! We will be constantly regramming throughout the month stay tuned because we will be announcing a winner every month.


How much G-Dollars will I win?!

The amount of G-Dollars is a SURPRISE!! The amount will be randomly selected while being recorded and the video will be posted on our Instagram. You will be able to redeem your G-Dollars from your account.

Let’s test your luck and start hashtagging #GstageLovesMe!



1. Take a pic wearing your latest G-Stage outfit.

2. Upload your image to your Instagram or Facebook.

3. On the caption, hashtag #GstageLovesMe and describe what G-Stage item you are wearing.

4. Don’t forget to tag us in the caption!

5. You automatically enter for a chance to be regrammed on one of our social media sites and the opportunity to win G-Dollars!!!



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