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GS LOVE / December 12, 2016

“We’re all in this thing together.”  

There’s always one girl who has your back no matter what.  She’ll always be there to answer your Facetime calls and share a slice . . . or half of that delivery pizza.  

These are the women who inspire us to be better, to rise above, and to share in a laugh now and again.  

We want to hear a favorite memory of you and your best from 2016!  

(As if the Hallmark tearjerker after school specials aren’t enough this time of year.)  Share your favorite memory using the hashtag #GSLBests in the spirit of our foundation, Gift, Share, and Love.  The story can be funny, inspiring, or anything in between!

Okay, so you may be thinking, but I don’t have a best, I’m part of a Squad.  Feel free to tag all your favorite ladies in your group photo, we’ll evenly split the $100 G-Dollar credit between every friend tagged.  

Because we’re all in thing together.  


THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.  – Read about the #GSLBests Winners here!

  1. Like the “gslovesme” Instagram account.
  2. Post a photo featuring one of your favorite memories with your Best(s) this past year.  The photo may be an older photo, but must be posted between the dates of 12/12/2016 and 12/20/2016 for consideration in our contest.   *Make sure your account is set to “public” so we can see the tag!
  3. Tag your best friend and @gslovesme, too!  
  4. Remember to hashtag the photo with #GSLBests in the photo’s description to be entered.  


We have selected two photos, one for “Best Photo” and one for “Best Story” of the year. See the winners photos here!


We will award two sets of winners $100 of G-Dollar credit to share with your Best(s).  

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 12/21/2016.

Terms and Eligibility

*This contest is by no way affiliated with Facebook, Instagram or any other subsidiary of Facebook Inc.  Facebook is not to be held liable regarding the #GSLBests Instagram Photo Contest

Happy Holidays from GS LOVE!

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